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Why Should You Subscribe To Legally Armed?   
Since 1994, there have been very few individuals who have worked to change the Carry Law.  Some of these individuals and grassroots organizations are at the legislature from year to year.  However, a few individuals should not have the burden to do all the work.  Because there are now about 45,000 legally armed citizens in Tennessee, these are the people who should be speaking to their elected officials in their respective districts!  This is the way for any law to be changed.  It is the elected official who represents you from your own district who must be informed about the Carry Law, and any other laws regarding firearms.  How do you know what to speak to them about?  This is where "Legally Armed" will help you.  You will be kept informed on proposed legislation, receive suggestions about how the law should be changed and get the information that you have been looking for since 1994!  Some of the areas that we addressed in our publication are: 

     Posting Of Gun Free Zones,  "Instant Checks" For Permit Holders, adopting what Kentucky has about "liquor & alcohol", and more. 

     When did you find out about the other states that Tennessee has reciprocity with?  We wrote about the states as soon as the reciprocal letters were received in Tennessee. 

     Every month in the newsletter, we address one of the states that we have reciprocity with.  In March we wrote about Mississippi.  Each month we will address another state.  We want you to be informed.  In addition to the legislative information you will receive on a state level, you will also receive information about trouble areas on the federal level.  In the past few months we have written about the BATF making certain pocket holsters an "any other weapon" category, the updated sporting definition of imported rifles, our opposition to certain military training for law enforcement, the Clinton Administration trying to restrict CMP from selling M-1's to gun clubs, and other articles regarding restrictive Federal Laws. 
Another area that you will enjoy are the articles written by instructors about pistols, practice, drawing techniques and classes that are conducted.  Once an individual qualifies in Tennessee for the permit, they do not have to qualify again.  Is this the best for the individual?  Additional classes are available on a voluntary basis for permit holders that increase the odds on the side of the permit holder where "stress" is involved.  The articles give good information and if an individual wants to take advantage of additional training, they know where the classes are held and the instructors holding the classes. 

     We want you to be part of the newsletter.  We need help with getting the information out about permit holder shootings, arrests, or problems that permit holders go through.  Our subscribers help us to get the information out to others.  In the March 1998 issue, we wrote about how expensive a legal defense can be to a permit holder when they are charged by their attacker.  Even though the permit holder cleared his name, the cost was over $3000.00 to go through the process.  Articles like this help us all to understand what could happen. 
     This is why you need to subscribe to "Legally Armed".  It will keep you informed & help in other areas that could affect any permit holder!  Sharing information helps us all! 

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