Why Are You Carrying A Concealed Weapon?
by Gene Kennedy

The majority of  Legally Armed Citizens carry a concealed weapon to help them survive a 
self-defense incident.  Not every person is required by their state Carry Law, to take a firearms training course.  As elementary as these courses are, they go over safety areas, firearm usage, and state laws.  The reason most states have mandatory training is because they are afraid that without making these courses mandatory, they could be sued in the event an innocent person was harmed during any type of incident, by one of their CCW License or Permit Holders.  It is always about the money!

The problem that most Legally Armed Citizens have, is that they are not ready to face a thug who is will hurt them for some money, possession, or just for the fun of it.  They have a firearm at their disposal, but are they prepared to use it?  Do they possess the necessary knowledge and tools, to help them get home safe?  The answer is NO.  However, I am not suggesting to make training mandatory for every person. We have enough laws that restrict us already.  I am a believer that if a person carries a Lethal Weapon, they should know:
  1. How to use their weapon.
  2. Be ready to use Lethal Force.
  3. Know the laws that govern Lethal Force.
One area that I belive most Legally Armed Citizens are not aware of is the need to do whatever is necessary to survive the battle.  Using every un-thinkable act of violence is necessary to survive.  A firearm is a tool. 
  • Know how to shoot your fireram under stress. 
  • Know how to clear your firearm when it is jammed. 
  • Make sure your firearm is in proper shape to help you survive  (Keeping a pistol in a purse for months at a time with no cleaning, does not make it ready to shoot properly).
  • Do whatever is necessary to help you survive the battle (remember that your opponent will do what ever is needed for the money,possession, or anything they want to do to you.)
There are more and more outdoor and indoor gun ranges popping up all the time.  Shooting your firearm is necessary to know what to do if you have to draw.  Once in a while, take a gun class that puts some 'stress' on you so you know what to do under stress on the street.  And most of all, leave the kid gloves at home.  When you carry a firearm for self-defense, it is just a tool that might help you survive.  Anything that you can do to stop your attacker from hurting, killing, or making you their toy, needs to be done.  They started the incident, you need to finish it!


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