CCW Holder Draws Pistol On Attacker Outside A Walmart Store

The altercation began when Eric D. Meade, 37, accused Zachary Crumrine, 29, of sleeping with his wife.  Meade punched Crumrine in the nose when he was leaving a Walmart Store.  When police arrived they found Crumrine standing next to a shopping cart with a bloody nose. 

When Meade continued to punch Crumrine, Crumrine pulled his Kimber .40 caliber semiautomatic.  Crumrine told police he drew his pistol to prevent Meade from attacking him any more.  Officers took the gun from Meade for their own safety.  The pistol was returned to Mr. Crumrine later. 

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel reviewed the case, and Crumrine was not charged with any crime.  Police Chief Dave Light said:  "He (Crumrine) did not break any law.  By pulling the gun, he did exactly what the concealed carry law is for - defending yourself,". 

Meade was charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor.  he pleaded not guilty.  He was released after posting a $ 5,000 bond.  Crumrine was not chaged with any crime. 
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