Up Yours Piers Morgan Legally Armed Products

Tired of listening to this British Turd ranting about OUR 2nd Amendment!  Well now you can show others how you feel without saying a word. 

We have put together limited edition products that you can be proud of.  Limited because we only manufactured a limited quantity.  When sypply is exausted, don't think we will do it again.
However, if this jerk keeps on breaking our chops on his personal rants about our Constitution & Amendments, we just might make some other stuff.

Up Yours Piers Morgan ID Pouch

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ID Pouch Closed On Belt


Up Yours Piers Morgan Key Fob

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NOTE:  The following 2 products have to be ordered individually because they are made by Vets who help us.
We pay them to assemble the product. They send them to us & we ship them to you.
Because of the different colors, this is the only way we can do it. 
Were not that smart, and we all worked on it to no avail. Sorry.

Up Yours Piers Morgan Cap



Going to the Gun Range, out on the town, or to work, grab your cap.
When you put your cap on, others will know how you feel about this British Turd!  You don't have to say a word.

$ 10.00


Up Yours Piers Morgan Card Wallet

Keep your drivers license, business cards, credit / debit cards, or any cards in this Leather Wallet.
Make sure when you open it up, everyone see's how you feel at this jerk!
100 % Leather, Made in the U S A by Americans, and not any British Subject.

$ 10.00


Wallet Closed


Leather Color

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