Legally Armed Travel Guides Customer Comments

" I bought mt first Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Travel Guide in 2002.  I buy one every year because I know that laws change.  When I bought my first one, there were only a few states that recognized Tennessee.  Now there are 38 states.  Because I travel a lot for business, and I always take my handgun with me, the travel guide helps me know the laws & regulations of the states I travel.  I recommend one for anyone who is legal to carry."
John Barrett


" I bought another book I thought would help me when traveling with my pistol.  It only confused me.  My Arkansas CHP travel guide tells me what I need to know in a simple way.  I love it & bought more for some of my church friends who also pack heat."
Mary Snowden


" I alwas wanted to know when I travel to states that honor my Indiana Personal Protection License, if I can carry in a restaurant that sells liquor.  I now know because my new travel guide shows me if I can or can't in every state that has reciprocity with Indiana.  Great job, and thanks to Gene Kennedy & for publishing these."
John Walsh

I was very surprised when my Sheriff told me about these travel guides.  Because there are so few people in California who carry, I never thought I could find this information in one book.  When I looked at it, I was shocked that so many states honored California!  Most don't even think about guns in California except when they think or read about gangs.  I'm 62 and too old to join a gang, but I am legal to carry, and when I travel I now always keep my travel guide in my car.  Thanks."
Joe Duncan


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