Self-Defense In Tennessee

The Tennessee Codes regarding   self-defense have changed.  Anyone who keeps a firearm in their home or business for self-defense, needs to know what these changes are.  Also, anyone who has a Tennessee Handgun Permit, needs to understand the provisions of the use of deadly force.  This publication addresses this   law.  Read it,   print it, and share it with a friend.  Knowledge about this law is important   to  gun  owners  in Tennessee   and   those   who visit Tennessee.

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'Self-Defense In Tennessee'.


Your attorney is important

There have been some self-defense shootings by Tennessee Handgun Permit Holders, that have resulted in criminal trials.  We are not aware of any that have resulted in a criminal conviction.  Criminal trials require you to have an attorney that understands the nature of self-defense, the Tennessee Handgun Permit scheme, and someone who has experience in the criminal defense arena.  The odds are in your favor find this type of person.

One permit holder in Knoxville is glad he had that type of attorney to defend him.  His case came about after he shot a truck driver who came after him with a 'thumper'.  The incident started on a highway, and ended in a truck stop.  The jury found him innocent of murder. Although expensive, he can still work to pay of the debt.  His attorney was Herbert S. Moncier.   

Remember that it will always be a 50/50 chance in a jury trial, that you will be found innocent, or have a gang member as a cellmate. 

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