Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Loss

The number of  Handgun Carry Permits has dropped to under 503,000+ in March 2015, to 497,641 in April 2015.  This is the largest reduction in permit numbers since the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit was enacted.  Could theis loss in active permits, be contributed to the law allowing firearms to be carried in a personal vehicle without a Handgun Carry Permit be the reason?

Many Tennessee residents who received their Handgun Carry Permits originally, got it so they could legally carry their handgun in their vehicle.  After the passage of the law allowing for vehicle carry without a Handgun Carry Permit, some may have dropped their Handgun Carry Permit.  You can view your county at this LINK, to view the number of active Handgun Carry Permits in your county. 

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