Why An Announcement Is Important For Any Legally Armed Citizen.
By Gene Kennedy
May 22, 2012

You are carrying a lethal weapon.  A lot of people do not think you should be allowed to do this.  Because of this fact, you need to do everything you can do in order to help yourself if you are involved in a dangerous incident, that might land up in a courtroom. 

If you are ever involved in a incident that goes before a jury, you need to have everything that can help you out in the open. One area that the majority of Legally Armed Citizens don't do, is practice making an announcement if they have to pull their firearm for self-defense.  This is just like practing your draw and shooting. You are training your mind and body to react during a time of stress.  What type of announcement?  The type that might let your opponent know you are armed, and also making sure the witnesses in the area hear you made your opponent know that you were armed.

Look at a recent case that is going to trail, the George Zimmerman incident in Florida.  One of the areas that is being scrutinised, is who was the aggressor.  That might have been a mute point if any of the witnesses heard Zimmerman yell, "STOP, I'm armed".  This did not happen.  If it did take place, most would think that he was yelling this to let the other party know he was armed.  

When you practice your draw, yell "STOP, I'm armed".  During any incident where you have to draw your firearm, you want to give clear warning that your armed, and you don't want to shoot.  You want to yell it loud enought that your opponent hears it, and any witnesses in the area here it. 

If you are involved in a trial because of drawing your pistol or shooting your opponent, when the witnesses say that you told your opponet your were armed, this may help with the jury.

NOTE:  I am not an attorney, and this is not legal advice.
If you have legal questions regarding carrying a deadly weapon, or self-defense, ask an attorney.

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" I am a retired police officer.  I think what you are saying is a good idea for anyone who is legal to carry a weapon. "
Brian G. Utah



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