Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Dual-Window ID Pouch

You have been authorized to carry a Lethal Weapon.  If you are involved in a self-defense shooting incident, and you are commanded by a L.E.O. to show your ID, don't you think you should do it in the safest way?  This Leather ID Pouch allows you to show your Handgun Carry Permit without having to dig into your pants or purse to get it.  You hands are always visible.





NOTE:  With every dual window ID Pouch purchased after March 1, 2013, there is a blue reflector inside the top pocket wher your drivers license goes.
This is used when you want to be identified immediately especially during a shooting incident [to let other know you are Legally Armed], or when the police arrive.


Here is what the reflector looks like when hit by a light at 2am in a dark location:


This reflector is a great way to be identified IMMEDIATELY!

If you carry in the 'open', you should show your Handgun Carry Permit.  This ID Pouch allows you to do just that.  If you carry in a Tennessee WalMart, they want you to carry in the 'open' so they can see your handgun.  They also want to look at your Handgun Carry Permit.  What better way to do this than to have you Handgun Carry Permit visible for anyone to view.  Don't want it seen, fold up and press the metal tab.  Stays shut.  Metal holster clip on back to keep firmly attached to belt, jacket, or purse strap.

100 % Leather, and made in the U S A, by veterans.

Available in Black or Brown Leather.

It only costs you $ 5.00 to get a duplicate Handgun Carry Permit.  Keep one at home, and the other in this ID Pouch.

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Leather Color


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