How To Identify A Texas Concealed Handgun License Holder 

With over  500,000  active Texas Concealed Handgun Licenses issued, it is important to be able to identify a person who is a Texas Concealed Handgun License Holder.  The same holds true for any Legally Armed Citizen who is visiting Texas, and is armed based on reciprocity. Why is this important? Lets look at some examples why this is important.

Example # 1

A restaurant is filled to capacity on a Friday night.  Robbers decide this is the night will rob it.  The owner tries to resist the robbers.  He is shot.  As the shot rings out, some customers who posess a Texas CHL who are armed, elect to trade shots with the robbers.  As gun fire erupts, how can the Texas CHL Holders be identified as the    'Good Guys'  versus the robbers?  How can each of the Texas CHL Holders identify each other?  When the police arrive, how can they identify the robbers versus the Legally Armed Citizens?

Example # 2

A cab driver has been pulled from his cab by drunks who don't want to pay the cab fare.  They are beating him on the street.  One of the thugs pulls a knife and starts stabbing the cab driver.  A Texas Handgun Permit Holder drives by, sees what is happening, and elects to assist the cab driver.  He pulls his Carry Gun and shouts at the thugs to let the cab driver go, and to lay down on the ground.  A Texas Police Officer drives by and sees a man holding a gun on some people laying on the ground.  He does not see  any form of identification that could help him identify the man with the gun. He must react to a gun drawn, and his own personal safety.  This could be bad for the Texas CHL Holder.

Example # 3
A Police Officer has been shot on the highway.  He is laying next to his vehicle.  A Texas CHL Holder drives by and sees the Officer has been shot.  He stops his vehicle, and elects to trade shots with the 'Active Shooter' .  A Texas Trooper drives by and sees two vehicles with armed men, and the Police Offecer bleeding on the ground.  How can the Trooper determine who the Active Shooter is or are both individuals Active Shooters? This is because he does not see  any form of identification to help him. 

Visible Identification Is Important

The incidents above are examples, but they could be real incidents in the future.  Being aware of what could happen is beneficial in coming up with a way to help prevent a tragedy.  Identification of a Legally Armed Citizen is something that has to be addressed now.  In other articles, addressed their position on why using a CCW badge is not a good idea.  Even if a person wears a CCW Badge, it is almost impossible to see in low light or at night.  It can only be seen when light hits the badge at a certain angle to reflect light.  This is why more Police are turning to Reflective Clothing and Reflective Patches.  Since the Police are using Reflective Material, why not have Legally Armed Citizens use this idea?

Legally Armed Reflective ID Pouch
Not only is it important that a Legally Armed Citizen be identified fast, it is just as important that their authorization to carry be seen immediately, without having to dig into pants or purse to retrieve their Texas CHL.  Here are some ID Products that will help in being identified immediately as a Texas Concealed Handgun License Holder.

Leather Texas ID Pouch

This ID Pouch shows the Texas Concealed Handgun License behind the plastic at the bottom. It is seen without any digging into pants or purse to get the CHL. Behind the plastic pocket at the bottom, there is another pocket to hold additional id. When the Texas CHL is not shown, the ID Pouch is folded closed, and the metal tab keeps it closed tight.  The Texas CHL metal plate is attached to a leather bar.  Both are rivited through the leather pouch.

Texas ID Pouch w/ leather bar & metal name plate


2-Window ID Pouch
The Texas drivers license, is in the top pocket,
and the Texas CHL is in the bottom pocket,


ID Pouch open with drivers license removed, and reflective 'blue' decal visible.


Each ID Pouch comes with four (4) cards.

The 1st card helps if the owner has been hurt but cannot speak


The 2nd card helps if their weapon was stolen.

The 3rd card is if the owner does not want to make any statement.


The 4th card shows all the states that honor the Texas CHL.

1 additional Reflective Decal Is Included With Each ID Pouch


If you are in a dangerous incident where you want others to know you are not the Active Shooter, stick this decal on your chest area.  It is made of the same reflective material used to make street signs.

Some people will say that all of this is nonsense!  Well they don't have to get one.  It is fact that at some dangerous incident, some Legally Armed Citizens will be present.  If they decide to draw their firearm, others need to be aware that they are one of the 'Good Guys'. 

This is not something that might happen. Currently, there are over 8 1/2 million Legally Armed Citizens.   This is something that will happen!

Some elements that make this ID Pouch beneficial to Texas CHL Holders:

  1. Hands are always visible.  No digging into pants or purse to get CHL.
  2. Hands free to hold firearm & also show Texas CHL.
  3. Holds other forms of picture ID.  This is important since most states outside of Texas mandate two forms of picture ID when carrying.
  4. Cards included with ID Pouch help CHL Holder when firearm is drawn.
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Texas ID Pouch with leather bar & name plate.

Leather ColorBack Attachment


Texas 2-Window ID Pouch 

Leather ColorBack Attachment


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