Terrorists & Legally Armed U.S. Citizens

The terrorist group Isis has warned the US they are aleady in the United States:

'We are in your cities': Alleged ISIS terrorists threaten U.S. via Twitter; FBI orders police to be on high alert.  An eerie Aug. 9 tweet included photos of the ISIS flag in Chicago and in front of the White House and warned the country that "You are our goals anywhere." The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have urged local police to be on high alert for possible homegrown terrorism.

The US flag included in the photos in their message above, seems to indicate that some of Isis members might be in the US.  However, this might also mean that some US Citizens or visitors want to made it seem that there is some presence within the US boarders.  These people might have never left the US, but want to make the US population believe some highly trained isis members are inside the US.  

Even if some terrorists are within the boarders of the US, the possibility of a bomb attack, or a nuclear attack is slight because of materials needed.  They would have to import the nuclear material into the US.  That could happen through our crappy boarder defenses, but unlikely.  A bomb that would employ highly explosive material other than nuclear, could be done with standard explosive materials.  However it still would require knowledge to make the bomb, and to deliver it to their target.  Could be done, but still hard to do.  However, there is one avenue that could kill a number of US Citizens in a short amount of time, and it has already taken place.  That is the use of small arms, including fully automatic weapons.  This type of attack took place at Fort Hood, where Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan killed a number of American Soldiers.   The two areas that must be analyzed are:
1.)  The average soldier within the location of Maj. Hasan was un-armed because of base regulations.  This allowed an 'open season' of killing by the active shooter.
2.)  This terrorist chose his killing zone carefully.  He did not care about the regulations, because he needed his weapon to complete his Terroristic Act.  He knew that his victims would not be carrying their weapons, because of the Military Directive.

Why are these two elements important on preventing future attacks?  Currently, there are estimates of 9,000,000 Legally Armed Citizens in the USA.  Compare this number to the number of Police Officers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of 780,00 Police Officers in 2014.   If the majority of these Legally Armed Citizens carried a weapon every day, there would be a strong defense against a Terror attack using small arms.   However, because of most state regulations restricting weapon carry by Legally Armed Citizens, the defense against a small armed attack by a terrorist has been elevated.  Just as in the Fort Hood shooting, the prevention of a smillar attack, places the odds of a sucessive atack with the terrorist.  The Kill Zone is wide open by the shooter because he might be the only one armed.

It is now time to re-evaluate laws that restrick firearms from being carried by Legally Armed Citizens.  Granted that not every one of these people have the best training on defensive shooting.  Even if this is true, it is better than having the average citizen being killed in a small arms attack by a terrorist, because no Defensive Weapons were allowed. 

How was the Fort Hood shooting ended?  It was ended by a person with a firearm.  We need to remember this.

On January 7, 2015, a terrorist attack took place in France by trained terrorists.  These were Lone Wolves, but  were trained in full-auto weapons, and were ready for this attack.  The USA needs to be ready for a similar attack.  Get ready for the fight.  If you have been authorized to carry weapons, make sure your armed.  If you are a law abiding citizen, without a License or Permit to carry a weapon, you need to obtain a License or Permit to be armed.  You might save your life, or the life of another US Citizen.  They [ the terrorists ] will kill you.  U.SA. Armed Citizens can deter or kill these people. Kill them before they kill you.  Keep This in your mind about these terrorists, they did not come to kill themselves, they were trained to do this again.  If your involed or see a terror attack in the USA, engage the enemy, before they kill you. 

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