Concealed Gun Saved His Life & Helped Stop A Robbery

There are some Legally Armed Citizens, who carry their pistol visible. Some do it because they feel they have the Right to wear it that way, and are making a statement. No matter why they are carrying in this manner, they are forgetting why they are carrying a firearm. To stay alive. Carrying visible has some danger areas. Here are a few:
  • A criminal can see that your armed. Some might say that is a good idea, and might stop the criminal from carrying out their criminal act. This is 98 % not true. The majority of violent criminals will try to eliminate anything or any person, who might be in a position of stopping them. Carrying a pistol visible, places a person in this danger.
  • Anyone who carries a pistol visible, and is not knowledgeble about weapon retention, is just plain stupid. Exposing a pistol allows for the possibility of someone trying to grab the pistol in a struggle, or any other reason.  Knowledge about weapon retention, helps reduce this problem.
  • Carrying visible, takes away the ingredient of surprise. As seen in the actual story below, if this robber saw a pistol on a person in this liquor store, he would have eliminated the threat. Carrying his pistol concealed, allowed this Legally Armed Citizen to fight back, stay alive, and end a robbery.
Although the robber's had cased this liquor store to make sure the employees were not armed, they did not consider the fact, that one of the customers might be armed. Because there are over 500,000+ Handgun Carry Permit Holders in Tennessee, this was a bad mistake. When the thugs entered Sinkers Liquor Store, they told everyone to get on the floor, including the 2 customers. The manager was at the back of the store, and was able to get to a phone to call 911 for help.

One of the customers was a Tennessee Handgun Cary Permit Holder, and was armed. He was carrying his pistol concealed. He did not look like a threat to the armed robber. He did not act immediately. He waited until he felt the odds were better, then he acted. He drew his weapon and began a rapid fire assault on the armed thug. He was a good shot. He hit the armed thug four times. One in the arm, one in the leg, and 2 in the torso. The armed thug returned gunfire back at the CCW Holder. This was a true gun fight. Both men shooting, moving to cover, until the thug ran from the store. He did not get far because of the loss of blood from his wounds. When the police arrived, they found the armed thug dead in the parking lot. His accomplice ran but was caught at a later time.

Although we would like to name the Handgun Carry Permit Holder, because the dead thug was believed to be a member of a gang in Memphis, TN, it is not in his best interest to be named or have his picture shown. The following are from the crime scene photos. They will give you an idea of what this gun fight was like, how carrying his pistol concealed saved his life, and allowed him to end the robbery.

How The Legally Armed Citizen Carries His Pistol Concealed.

Front Of Liquor Store In Strip Center.

The Only Weapon Employees Had Was This Baseball Bat.

Shell Casing On Floor.

Robber's Blood On Floor.

Bullet That Hit Window.

Bullet Hole In Sale Sign.

Robber's Blood On Front Door.

Robber's Mask & Blood Trail In Parking Lot.

Legally Armed Citizen's Pistol Laid Down Before Police Arrived.

Prior Mug Shot Of Dead Robber.

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