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This manual is written in a manner that anyone interested in the Tennessee Handgun Permit Law/Process, or current holder, can easily absorb and put to use. It contains sound information and practice, including precise wording of current law. It would serve nicely as a ready reference in the home or automobile and is a must read if you're planning to carry in another State. It is also the only State of Tennessee specific book available. An excellent review of what you need to know.


Great Information For TN Handgun Permit Holders, January 5, 2012
 By Robyn Walsh

I bought my first book from Gene Kennedy back in 2006. I have been buying one every year since that time. It helps me when I travel with my handgun. My job takes me to a number of states. It tells me what states honor my handgun permit, and gives me the laws that I need to know when I travel a state. It is unfortunate that the 4th year medical student who was arrested in New York City with her handgun, did not have this publication. She would have known that she could not take a firearm into New York City. In this publication it says: "Don't take any guns into New York City". It addresses states that honor the Tennessee Handgun Permit, and states that don't honor it.

This new publication also includes areas that most handgun permit holders will find beneficial like: Liability, encounters with law officers, and what I found very interesting was actual self-defense incidents involving Tennessee Handgun Permit Holders. I have wondered about how someone would react during an actual shooting incident. I found this very interesting. I have been told that shooting was the number 1 priority for any legally armed person. Mr. Kennedy took the time to address how drawing the pistol was a primary concern, why close shooting techniques were important, and why revolvers are better for some people.

If you have a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit, I highly recommend this book.


Awesome source of information for any handgun owner.
, January 11, 2012
By:  Ken

This is a must have for any handgun owner. I have been a TN Permit carrier since 2007. I purchased this book to keep up to date with the ever changing laws for permit holders. This book gives clear instruction on TN laws for handgun permit holders as well as what states honor the TN handgun permit. It gives nice details about each state's laws. Another nice thing about this book, it teaches you how to use and maintain your weapon properly, and how to respect the laws that allow you to carry that weapon. I highly recommend this book to any permit holder. Novice or experienced, this is must have information.

October 12, 2011

" This publication contains all the information I have been looking for since I got my handgun permit in 1998.  Laws, reciprocal states, self-defense issues.  Good information. "

Randall Fox

October 14, 2011

" I have been buying Gene Kennedy's publications since I retired as a police officer in 2005.  His new book contains good information for permit holders. "

Benny S.
Kingsport, Tennessee

October 14, 2011

" Good book. "

Minney Waters
Sullivan County 

October 24, 2011

I got this book at the Knoxville Gun Show this past weekend.  When I got home and read it, I was glad I got it.  Most of the areas I have been unclear about, were addressed in this publlication.  I highly recommend this to other Tennessee handgun permit holders.
Randall Marshall

December 3, 2011

To:  Mr. Kennedy
Thank you so much for setting up at the hotel in Smyrna so people could buy your book.  As I told you at the meeting, I have had my handgun permit for almost 5 years.  I have tried to find the information for carrying when I travel, but I am not sure of the information I attain.  Your publication makes me feel much more confident that I have the correct information at my fingertips.  I am glad that I met you, and that I now have a 'handgun manual' that I can turn to when needed.

Virginia H.
Smyrna, Tennessee


December 4, 2011

Went to the meeting in sale in Murfreesboro at the Clarion Hotel.  Did not think too much about the TN Handgun Permit Manual when I picked it up.  However, when I began to read it at home, I was very glad that I bought one.  Not only does it go over things that most handgun permit owners need to know and remember, it tells me all the states that honor Tennessee with the laws that affect me when I travel with my handgun.  I recomment the Tennessee Handgun Permit Manual to any person who has a handgun permit.

Ronnie B.


February 27. 2012

"Bought my book from  Great information that helps me when I travel, and when I carry.  Good work, and thank you."

Stephanie Wilson
Williamson County

April 30, 2012

Great book.  I was very suprised to see the chapter on verbal announcements by a Legally Armed citizen.  Good info and advice.

Billy Jacobs


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