Maryland Court Addresses Their Gun Control Law

When Navy veteran Raymone Woollard was denied his Handgun Permit was denied because the State Board ruled that he had not shown a "good and substantial reason wo wear, carry or transport a handgun as a resonaprecaution agains apprehended danger", he elected to sue the state.

In Maryland, there are very few Handgun Permits issued to civilians.  This is because the bar is so high to prove a need.  This law suit will attack the foundation of their Handgun Permit Law.  Does the need of self-defense extend beyond a residence.  Read more on this issue HERE.
Legally Armed ID Pouch w/ 2 Windows 

How many times have you heard that when your armed, always keep your hands visible when in contact with a Law Enforcement Officer.  Now, you can do just that and also show your drivers license and handgun permit without digging into any pockets. Check out this new ID Pouch.




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