Legally Armed Citizens A Deterrant To Terror Attacks

There have been some Terror Attacks, that have taken the lives of US Citizens on USA soil.  Fort Hood, Texas,     Orlando,     Flroida,      San Bernardino, California are a few of these attacks.  If you analyze each of these shootings, there is one common thread.  They took place in locations where firearms were not allowed.  However, the people who planned and carried out these attacks were the only ones who did not follow the 'No Gun' signs.  They wanted to make sure they were able to do what they intended to do.  Kill as many people as they could.  The 'No Gun' ban, made it easier for them to finish what they wanted to do.  Kill as many as possible.

Laws are not followed by individuals who want to break the law.  These laws only reduce the possobility of Legally Armed Citizens from having a chance of self-defense.  That might be the reason why these locations were used.  It allowed the attackers to commit their acts of violence without any threat to them.  Laws need to be changed to allow a Legally Armed Citizen to protect themselves and others.  We need to also address how to identify a Legally Armed Citizen without using a badge or any additional form of identification, so they can be distinguished from the terrorist or criminal.  Every person who has received the authorization to carry a Lethal Weapon, was given a Carry License or Carry Permit that shows their authorization.  Use this form of identification to show others.  How can this be accomplished when the majority of Legally armed Citizens carry these documents in their wallet or purse?  Look at the ID Case Holder below.  If a Legally Armed Citizen wants others to know they are authorized to carry a Lethal Weapon, they pull the front of this ID Case and others can see their Carry License or Carry Permit.

ID Case [ closed ]

ID Case [ open ]


Worn on a belt or stap of a pocketbook.  Don't want it seen, keep it closed.  Want your authprization seen, pull it down.  This is the easiest and safest way to show others you are legal to carry a Lethal Weapon.  It might also be the safest way, because your hands are always visible.  In the case of 32-year-old Philando Castile, when his hands were out-of-sight, the Officer feared for his own safety.  This is when the Officer fired the fatal shot.  If this happened once, it can happen again.  If you have been authorized to carry a Lethal Weapon, don't take the chance that this could happen to you.  Keep your Carry License or Carry Permit, and your Driver's License in this ID Case to be able to show your authorization to carry, and prevent what might happen in a traffic stop.  One thing is important, that when you want others to see your Carry License or Permit, your hands are always visible.  Ony $ 8.00, order yours below by credit or debit card.




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