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When civilians decide to undertake self-defense training, they need to learn who to take their instruction from.  It is a key fact, that when a procedure is learned that is not taught correctly, it takes double the time to learn the procedures correctly.  That is because it is harder to retrain the body and mind on the correct procedure, because they also have to undue what they learned incorrectly.  Because of this, an instructor should have the knowledge and experience, to teach others based on their time and knowledge in a particular field.

Ken Potter has been in the field of Law Enforcement for over 25 years.  He has spent a good portion of this time, training civilians, Law Enforcement Officers, and Armed Guards.  He has developed a highly respected reputation in these fields.  Below are some of the areas he has been certifed, by the state of Tennessee as an instructor.

Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Instructor 


The state of Tennessee requires that a course be taken and passed, before a Handgun Carry Permit is issued.  Ken Potter was one of the first individuals certified as an instructor, to teach this course.  He is not new in this field.  The number of people his school has certified is impressive.  If you are considering a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit, Ken Potter should be your instructor for his experience, and his course is not expensive.

Armed Security Training


A security guard/officer is an individual employed by a contract security company or a proprietary security organization to protect persons and/or property from criminal activities. A security guard who holds armed guard registration may work an armed or unarmed post, and is not required to hold an additional "unarmed" guard registration.  Ken Potter instructs new Armed Guards, and renewal Guard requirements.  He has been certified by the State of Tennessee in this field.  He is not just an instructor, his experience as a Tennessee Law Offficer also adds to his experience in this field.  Ken also has the instructor requirements for handcuffing.

Baton Training & Certification


The state of Tennessee has a law, requiring a person to have a certification card from a 'baton' instructor in their possession when carrying a baton.  It is also a requirement for Guards.  Ken Potter has been certified to traine and issue certificates in this field.  Why would a civialian want this certification?  It is a form of less than lethal force, than using a handgun. It is mandatory for Armed Guards to be certified when carrying a Baton.

Chemical Agents & Taser Training

chemical            taser1       taser
There is no requirement by the state of Tennessee for civilians to carry or uee these however; it makes sense to know how to use them.  There is a requirement if you are under the Tennessee Department of Protective Services, to be certified.  Ken Potter has the training & documentation, to instruct these products.

Woman's Self-Defensive Classes


Don't be a victim.  Learn the elements of self-defense before you need it.

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