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With the increase in TN Handgun Permit Holders, there are more people who are looking to increase their chances of survival with a handgun.  This is a critical field of instruction.  The most important area about this type of instruction, is the knowledge and ability of the instructor.  It takes twice as much time to undo a bad habit that was taught by an uninformed trainer, than trying to learn new shooting techniques.  This is why wrote this article, and we will be addiding to this article with Tennessee trainers we believe have the experience, knowledge, and training capabilities to teach this importat area.

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Tom Givens
The 1st Tennessee Trainer who we acknowledge is one of the most  highly trained, and may be one of  the most skilled within this area, Tom Givens from Memphis.  Tom is the Chief Instructor for RangeMaster in Memphis, as well as the owner and chief executive.  

Tom trains not only in Tennessee but all over the Country.  His backgound came from  Law Enforcement, where he spent over 25 years in law enforcement, and specialized security work.  He made hundreds of arrests, including numerous armed felons.  He has used his firearm to defend himself and others, against armed criminals.  Tom has trained armed security officers, law enforcement officers on the local, state, and federal levels.  Toms education, training, and experience in this field includes:

  • Graduate, NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development School & NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor School,
  • Graduate, FBI Police Firearms Instructor School, FBI Certified Firearms Instructor,
  • Graduate, (Expert Certificate), Gunsite Training Center API 499 with Jeff Cooper,
  • Graduate, U.S. Army Instructor School,
  • Graduate, Advanced Tactical Pistol, Tactical Explosives Entry School,
  • Graduate, Ken Hackathorn Advanced Training Course,
  • Graduate, Chuck Taylor Advanced Handgun Course,
  • Graduate, Defensive Handgun, International Training Consultants (Chuck Smith),
  • Graduate, John Farnan DTI Advanced Handgun Course (Instructor Course),
  • Graduate, CQB and Low Light Courses, Andy Stanford, OPS
  • Certified Low Light Technology Specialist, Surefire Academy,
  • Certified Tennessee Handgun Permit Instructor, TN Dept. of Safety,
  • Author of five (5), published texbooks, including Fighting Smarter,
  • Author of over 100 articles in S.W.A.T. magazine, Combat Handguns Magazine, Soldier of  Fortune, Peterson Handguns Magazine, Concealed Carry Magazine, and others,
  • I.PTemmessee / Mississipi Section Champion, 1977, 1978, with a Class A rating that was the highest at that time,
  • I.D.P.A. Master rating in CDP, ESP, and SSP divisions,
  • Former member IDPA Board of Directors,
  • Certified Expert Witness of Firearms and Police Fireaerms Training (state and federal court),
  • Professinal Memberships:  
    National Rifle Association / Life Member
    Police Marksman Association / Life Member
    American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
    American Society For Industrial Security
    International Wound Ballistics Association
    International Association of Law Enforcement Fierarms Instructors
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Warren Smith


Warren Smith started his teaching career in the U. S. Marines. One of his duty assignments was Enlisted Instructor Company at Quantico, Virginia. This unit taught new Lieutenants weapons and tactics for their military service. Warren also served in Vietnam 1967 to 1968. Upon returning home he was selected for Drill Instructor School and was discharged January 1969. Warren then was accepted for employment on the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Among many different assignments his most enjoyable and last assignment was in the Training Division. This included recruit training as well as in service for the other Troopers, firearms training being a large part of this assignment. He was also a DUI instructor and Police Traffic Radar instructor.

He retired from the Highway Patrol to become Security Director for Commerce Union Bank. Through mergers and acquisitions the bank later became Bank of America. He participated in many training sessions while with the bank as well as Security matters. He retired from the bank in 2006.

During the years Warren has attended many different schools related to firearms, security training, not lethal weapons, and martial arts. He still stays active in police training when possible.

Listed are a few of the schools he has attended.

Executive Protection Institute – Virginia

Scotti School of Defensive Driving

Gunsite – Defensive Handgun

Frontsite – Defensive Pistol

Yavapai Firearms Academy – Louis Awerbuck –

  • Advanced Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • HITT – High Intensity Tactical Training
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Carbine AR15 Glock Armorer School

    Tactical Logic AR15/M16 Law Enforcement Armorer Course

    Shin’s Martial Arts – Blackbelt lst Degree

    Current Instructor in the following:

    State of Tennessee Handgun Instructor

    State of Tennessee – Department of Commerce and Insurance – Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Training

    Taser Instructor

    ASP Tactical Handcuff Instructor

    ASP Tactical Baton Instructor

    OCAT Instructor (Chemical sprays)

    NRA Instructor for: Certified Pistol, Certified Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home, and Range Safety Officer

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