Legally Armed Reflective I.D. Case ™

Dangerous Encounters

Current estimates show 8,500,000 Legally Armed Citizens in the U.S.A., and these numbers are increasing.  Unfortunately, there have been some bad incidents between these citizens and law enforcement officers.  The result of these encounters has resulted in hurt or dead citizens.  This also happens when Law Enforcement Officers do not identify themselves to brother officers fast enough.  Immediate identification is a MUST after a shooting incident when police arrive on the scene, or anytime a Legally Armed Citizen wants others to know they are authorized to carry a weapon.  This is why we developed the Legally Armed I.D. Case ™.  

This a product where you keep your authorizaton to carry [license or permit].   It is in a location seperate from other papers or documents in a wallet or purse.  When you want to show your authorization to carry, you want to take the least amount of time to show it.  You don't want to be digging in your pockets at 2:00 a.m. when a police officer asks you for your carry identification.

If you have been in a self-defense incident where your weapon has been drawn, you want to make sure this identifer is in your hands when the police arrive on the scene.  Because most shootings occur at night, the reflector helps police identify you when they arrive.  When you call 911 about the incident, you tell them you have a 'reflector' I.D in your hand, and you are the victim.

Identification Procedures

Law enforcement officers occassionally shoot  each other during official business and off-duty incidents.  This became so bad in New York City, that in addition to displaying a badge, verbal communication was implemented as an additional measure to demonstrate the person was a 'good guy' versus a thug.  This verbal identification is "I'm on the job".  Both this verbal identifier and displaying a badge, has helped to reduce 'blue on blue' incidents in New York City.  This form of identification has helped those in law enforcement, but what about the Legally Armed Citizen? 

The verbal identification in addition to the Legally Armed I.D. Case ™ is "I'm Legally Armed".  This protocal is important because, there are more Legally Armed Citizens in the U.S.A. than Law Enforcement Officers.  A person can also say "I am a Tennessee Handgun Permit Holder", or "I am an "Alabama Pistol Permit Holder", or a number of other phrases but; the least amount of words and the louder the words are said, the better off you you will be.  If more legally armed citizens use this identifer, the more Law Enforcment Officers will come to recognize this physical and verbal identification.  They are aware of the I.D. Pouch and like the idea.

Identification Options

Permit holder badges [see photo example below] are available at gun stores, gun shows, and on the Internet. The theory behind these badges is that they can identify the person wearing this badge as being legally armed and a 'good guy' versus a 'bad guy'. It also helps a person who is carrying in the open [visible] in states that allow 'open' carry, to have some form of identification that can be seen when carrying in the 'open'. Another reason is to identify the person after a shooting incident when law enforcement arrives on the scene, as being legally armed.  However, the majority of law enforcement officers find these badges offensive. They believe they look too much like someone in Law Enforcement. Some states like New Mexico, have enacted  laws that make it a violation of their state law to carry any item that would make the person look like a Law Enforcement Officer.  Permit holder badges fall in this category.  Also, anyone can buy them.  With the I.D. Case, the actual Carry License or Permit is seen by the officer.  

This is the type of badge you should not be using.

CCW Badge

Actual Incident

People who speak against permit holder badges also say that they are worn by police wann-a-be's.  Some police think the same thing & occasionally harass people who wear them.   So, what can be used to help a Legally Armed Citizen be identified immediately, keep their hands from digging into their pockets to get their license or permit, and also not look like they are trying to impersonate a police officer.  The Legally Armed I.D. Case meets this task.

Lets examine an actual incident where a legally armed citizens was shot and killed by police by mistake.

Boutique World Beauty Supply Store in Madison, Tennessee, sold women's wear and boutique items.  Chong Hwan An owned this store with his wife.  There had been a number of armed robberies in this Nashville area.  Store owners were nervous and they had good reasons to be.  In a few incidents, after the owners gave the robbers the money, they were then beaten. 

Jennifer Szostecki and her male partner entered Boutique World Beauty Supply Store.  As soon as she entered, she took some clothes at random and entered the dressing area.  Mr. An seeing this, thought there was going to be trouble and motioned to his wife to be on alert.  His thoughts turned out to be correct.  When Szostecki emerged from the dressing area, she held a gun, and so did her male accomplice.  They demanded money.  Mr. An opened the register and handed over $ 1,300. 

As the armed robbers began to leave the store, Mr. An pulled his .40 caliber Glock and started to shoot at the armed robbers.  Mr. An was a Tennessee Handgun Permit Holder.  However, being a store owner in Tennessee allowed him to possess a firearm on his store premises without a permit.  Sztosecki and her partner shot back at Mr. An.  He returned fire.  No one was shot inside the store.  Because of the small space within the store, the noise was deafening.  

When the armed robbers left the store, they carjacked a woman and began to flee.  Mr. An left the safety of his store, ran outside, and began to fire at the fleeing armed robbers.  This was unforunate because the THREAT to him and his wife was over.  The majority of legally armed people might not have left the security of the store but, when tension is high and adrenalin is pumping, mistakes are made.  After all, the majority of law abiding legally armed citizens, have never and will never be in this type of situation.  Some people have called this man stupid for his actions.  This has told me that these people have never been in a life and death situation.  Anybody can be an armchair quaterback.  Ask a person who has been in a gun fight, or a war zone, and they will tell you that mistakes always occur.  The more actual situations a person is involved in, the better they are at handeling and reacting to the next similar incident.  Mr. An made a mistake but, his actions were unfortunate for him.  No innocent person, other than Mr. An was shot.

Law Enforcement Officers On The Scene

About the same time Mr. An was shooting at the fleeing robbers, two Nashville Police Officers were leaving a restaurant in the same strip mall.  Hearing shots being fired, they took cover behind a vehicle.  They saw Mr. An with a gun in his hand.  Not knowing what occurred, they yelled at Mr. An to drop his weapon.  Mr. An, because of the extreme noise in his store from the gun fire, probably could not hear very well.  He turned towards the police officers with his gun in his hand.  Because the officers felt threatened by the gun, they both fired.   Mr. An was pronounced dead at the scene. 

No fault was found with the actions of the Nashville Metro Police Officers in this incident.  The Nashville Police Officer who was involved in this unfortunate incident has told us the I.D. Pouch is a good idea.  It might not have helped Mr. An because the officer yelled at him eight (8) times that he was 'police', and to drop his weapon.  The one grey area in this incident is because the officer has a northern accent versus a southern accent, witnesses said they thought they heard him shout 'Please' versus 'Police'.  Whatever happened, the outcome is the same and cannot be altered. 

Again, the officer involved in this shooting has said the the Legally Armed I.D. Case ™ is a good idea.  Other Law Enforcement Officers across the country agree with him.  They like this form of identifer because it does not look like a police badge, and they realize this is a valid way for a 'good guy' to identify himself or herself to any officer at a dangerous and stressful time. 

Look at this ID Case and consider if you had one, would it help you identify yourself as a legally armed person and more important, might it help you stay un-hurt.  Also consider the fact that your license or permit is kept in a seperate location instead of your wallet or purse.  Under stress, it is hard to access your license or permit when it is in a wallet or purse.  Now you can keep it in a seperate location that has easy access and can be presented IMMEDIATELY

This product is something that should be in the inventory of every person who is authorized to carry weapons. 
It is NOT mandatory that any person has one.  It only makes sense to have one.

Identification For Legally Armed Citizens

Unlike the incident at the Boutique World Beauty Supply Store, most shooting incidents occur at dusk or in the night.  How can a Legally Armed Citizen take measures to identify himself or herself without causing problems with law enforcement.  The Legally Armed I.D. Case ™ below is just the item. 

  • It is something that can be seen at night because of the reflector inside the ID Case [especially when hit by the light from a flashlight of a law enforcement officer or a police vehicle].
  • It does not say anything about law enforcement or have a badge that looks like police.    

It is an identifier that is not seen until the person wearing it, wants it to be seen [check-out examples below].  The bottom portion has plastic where the license or permit is kept.  When open, the person is able to display their authorization to carry a weapon. The concept is simple.  This same identifer system is used by our military in war zones.  Reflector fabric is attached to their uniform when they want helicopters to know they are friendly troops when seen on the ground, and by their own troops.  Most Law Enforcement Agencies use reflector ID's because the realize they can be seen beter than a badge at night.

Legally Armed I.D. Case ™


When this ID Case is 'open', the GOLD reflective material is seen.


Here is how it works at night.


There is a pocket behind the plastic where we have placed a card that you fill-in with information and data
that will help you if you are ever involved in a self-defense shooting.  Because of the stress you will be under at
that time, you will probably not be able to remember information that could assist you. 
This card has the data that will help you at a very diffucult time.
The card below is to give to the Officer at the scene, if you do NOT want to make a statement.

No Statement Card Included With ID Case.
leo card

There is also an 'incident report' sheet, to help you record what happened in the shooting incident.
The sooner you write down what happened, the more accurate the information.  Remember, there will normally be another account of what happened, by the other person.

It can be worn on a belt or around neck.

Example worn on belt closed.


Example worn on belt open.


Example when worn around neck.



Note:  No metal plate is used around neck ID Case.  Silver Leaf is stamped 'Legally Armed' on front of ID Case.



Here is the Legally Armed I.D. Pouch ™ closed and when worn on belt, it is not even noticed.

The Legally Armed I.D. Case ™ will:
  1. Immediately show your authorization to carry a firearm.
  2. Be identified at all hours of the day or night, by law enforcement officers because of the reflector fabric.
  3. Keeps your autorization to carry within reach at all times.
Prevents digging in pockets for your CCW License or Permit.

Every Reflector I.D. Case comes with thee (3) cards you keep with the pouch.

  1. A weapons card that has the information about your carry gun.  This is to help officers if your gun was stolen.
  2. A medical card.  Incase you are unable to tell EMS your medical history, the card will tell them.
  3. A LEO card.  You fill-in this card with information about yourself.  After a shooting, if you don't wamt to make a statement, give the card to the officer.  It gives the officer information about you so the officer can start the incident report, but it says you don't want to make a statement. 


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