Legally Armed Reflective I.D. Case ™

Seen in normal light
[front side]
Seen in normal light
[back side]
 Holds License or Permit

Seen at night by flashligh


If Mr. Castile who was shot during a traffic shot in Minnesota wore one of these, whould he be alive?  Every Legally Armed Citizen needs to know is that when you carry your Carry License or Carry Permit in your wallet, you must dig behind you to get your wallet in your back pocket.  This is dangerous when you have a pistol on your side.  Black or white or whatever color you are,  you don't know were this officer came from.  The officer may have just come from a homicide where blood and body parts are all over the place.  He has one thought, to get home safe.  You need to take any precaution that you can, to make sure you get home safe.  You carry a pistol for the criminal element, but when guns are added to any traffic stop, or encounters with Law officers, you need to do whatever you need to in order to let the Officer see that you are not a threat.  No matter how much training a Law Officer may have received, you need to take the position that you will not distress any Law Officer by you actions.   This ID Case goes around your neck.  You can keep it under your shirt, or tuck it in your top pocket while still having a cord that is around your neck.  NO digging into your pocket, you are in control of  your situation.  Again, your Carry License or Carry Permit is in this ID Case, no digging to get your Carry License or Carry Permit.  Just tell the officer you are going to show him your Carry license or Carry permit.    It is a win win situation,  get your neck ID Case today.

The results of a two (2) year study done by the Kansas City (MO) Police Department regarding off duty (out of uniform) badge placement, has opend up a lot of eyes.  The study was initiated by Sgt. Wade Smith who is the supervisor of the Kansas City PD's firearm training section, and a certified Force Science Analyst.  The intent of this study was to evaluate badge placement worn by off duty, or out of uniform, officers.  The study analyzed what is better for identification, wearing a badge at chest level, or at belt level.

Testing was done using full color, 2-D, life size male & female subjects, some threatening and some not threatening.  Some targets were armed, but were wearing a silver Kansas City Police Badge at waist level or at chest level (center mass).  Distance to the target was about 24 feet.  One half of the encounters were in low light.  This was similar to the illumination within 50-60 feet of a standard residential streetlight.  Those shooting in dim light used a flashlight.  Targets were turning towards the shooters betweem 1 to 3 seconds.  The officers were told to "take appropriate action", to scan, move, and use cover, to evaluate shoot and no shoot situations, and to fire until the opponent was defeated.  Prior to the exercise, officers were told that the scenerio involved responding to and assisting an undercover plain clothed officers in an arrest situation.  Prior to the excerise, Sgt. Smith explained that all of the badge targets were armed, the shooters needed to to identify each target, and pay close attention to the targets.

Kansas City Police Officers are trained to shoot at center mass.  Because of this training, it was assumed that the targets with badges worn at center mass (chest level), would be shot less then the badges worn at belt lever.  This turned out to be correct however; the outcome surprised everyone because of the number of targets shot who were wearing badges. 

Here are the results:
  • A no-shoot target with a badge worn at belt level, was six times more likely to be shot than one worn at chest level.
  • Even under full-light conditions, belt badge targets were hit 1,272 times, compared to 196 hits for chest badge targets.
  • Under low light conditions, belt level badges were hit 5,288 times versus 843 hits to chest shown badges.
  • Regarding both badge type targets, no-shoot targets were four times more likely to be hit under low-light conditions than under bright light conditions.
Why is this study important to Legally Armed Citizens? 

It shows that if Police Officers, who were warned that they were responding to assist a plain clothes officer in an arrest situation, still shot the plain clothes officer.  It is important to recognize that even when an officer is showing a badge in some manner (chest high or at belt level), they can still be shot by another officer. As a Legally Armed Citizen, what can you do to be recognized as a good guy?
Here is a recent blue on blue actual incident that shows even officers in full uniform can be mistakenly shot by one of their brother officers.   Incidents like this show why it is important for every Legally Armed Citizen to do what they can do, to make sure they are identified FAST as a Friendly Citizen From This Important Study

You have been authorized to carry a Lethal Weapon.  You do this for self-preservation.  No one knows who will be required to defend themselves or another person.  Because of this, every Legally Armed Citizen needs to think about the worst things that can happen to them when they are forced to use Lethal Force during the incident, and what they should do after the shooting.

As reported in the above study, identification worn chest high did much better than identification worn at belt level.  Dim or low light increases the chance of a friendly being shot.  How can a Legally Armed Citizen be able to protect themselves in this type of situation?  Here is a product that can do the job in the majority of cases.

Legally Armed Reflector ID Case ™

The ID Case shown below, holds a CCW or Carry Permit behind a plastic pocket.  This is important because in most states, two (2) froms of identification are required, the Carry License or Permit, and another photo ID card.  The Reflector is on one side & the Carry License / Permit is on the back side behind a plastic liner.  On the top of the ID Case is the reflector material.  This is the same reflective material used on street signs.  When a Legally Armed Citizen is involved in a shooting incident, and knows the law will be arriving soon, they hold it in their hand, or if it around the neck, it is seen at center mass like the report above talks about.  As the above study documented, the best location to show identification is at center mass (chest level).  If a badge is used, light has to hit it a certain way for it to reflect the light.   This is not the same with the reflective material.  Dim or low light still allows it to shine.   We have used reflector material that any Law Enforcement Officer can recognize,  Blue Gold  Blue.   This color combination used to identify a Legally Armed Citizen.  Law Enforcement Officers use a different color scheme ( black, blue, black ).  This color scheme created the phrase the 'thin blue line'.  Their color scheme means seperating good from evil.  You see them on the back of vehicles. The difference in the color scheme, is that the black, blue, black color scheme is not seen in dim or low light, and it is the color code for Law Enforcement Officers.  Blue Gold Blue is seen much better & it is created for a Legally Armed Citizen.  It is also our Legally Armed Logo ™ . 

Color Code For A
Legally Armed Citizen™


The ID Case For The Neck
Blue & Gold Reflective Colors
Can Be Seen 200+ Yds.


Back Holds Your Carry License / Permit 


At Night


Using reflector material versus a badge, is the best way to avoid friendly on friendly shooting, & is the best way to be identified immedately.  This same system was used in the military war in Iraq and other areas.  Color of the day was changed each day, so friendly troops could recognize other friendly troops.  As the report above says, shooting mishaps occured at a higher rate during dim or low light.  Here is what this ID Case looks like when held in the hand at 2A.M. with a flashlight shined on the actor.


Notice that the person's hands are up, weapon on the ground, so that no weapon is visible.  If you were a Law Enforcement Officer, would you consider this subject a major threat?  Most officers would yell commands like keep you hands up, lay on the ground, turn around, or something similar.  However, there are not many officers who would pull their trigger on this subject.

Better Than A Badge

There are a lot of CCW Badges being worn.  The majority of these individials believe that if they are in a self-defense shooting, by showing the badge, they might be recognized by a Law Enforcement Officer as a friendly.  These badges are a viloation of some state laws (New Mexico is one of these states).  However, as recorded in the study above, even  Law  Enforcement  Officers who  have a  badge  visible, can  be  shot.  The  badge  is  not  the answer...the reflector ID Case is the answer.

When a person does not want their CCW Permit or Carry Permit seen,
they just fold the ID Case, or place it under their shirt:

These careds come with the Reflector I.D. Case ™.

Fill them out, then keep them in your Reflector I.D. Case ™

These cards will help you if your are:
  • Hurt (medical card),
  • Your weapon was stolen (weapon data card),
  • You were involved in a self-defense incident but, you don't want to make a statement (L.E.O. Card).



After Shooting Report, very similar to a Police [after shooting report] also included. 

Immediate Identification That Shouts Out:
I Am Legal To Carry This Weapon
Only YOU Can Protect Yourself

The majority of Legally Armed Citizens realize that they are the only one who can defend themselves from harm.  Law Enforcement Officers cannot be everywhere.  This is the primary reason so many US Citizens are Legally Armed (statistics).  Why not consider what could happen during, or after, a self-defense shooting incident as being recognized as a friendly Person or a threat?  It also helps you be identified as a Legally Armed Citizen when you want your Carry License or Carry Permit seen.

  No badge is used with this product

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