Meredith Graves Set Free With No Jail Time


We have received a number of emails asking the status of Meredith Graves who was arrested at the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City.  Here is what happened.

Ms. Graves pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor possession count for possession of a loaded gun in New York City without a New York City Pistol Permit.  She had a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit, at the time of her arrest.  Asked by the Judge if she were guilty of 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon, Ms. Graves replied yes. Her attorney, Daniel Horwitz,said "this is not the kind of case that should prevent her from being a doctor". 

Does Ms. Graves still possess a TN Handgun Permit?  We have requested via email, an answer from the TN Department of Safety on this issue.  Will update here if and when we receive an answer.

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