National Right-TO-Carry Bill Is Dangerous

The National Right-To-Carry Bill H.R. 822, sounds good on the surface.  However, if passed, this would create problems for all the people who have been authorized to carry defenseive weapons.  Why?  Lets look at what could happen.

How many times have you seen the Federal Government get involved in something only to mess it up.  Currently the states are handeling this area.  They are doing a good job.  Some states have even passed laws honoring all other state Carry Licenses or Permits.  They did not ask for reciprocity, they elected to honor all other states without seeking reciprocity.  A person who has received a New York State Carry License, may carry their firearm in Tennessee and other states that have laws like this, but a Tennessee Handgun Permit Holder may not carry their handgun in New York State.  These states did not ask for reciprocity, they elected to honor all the other states.  If more states adopted this law, the better we all would be regarding carrying into other states.  The CCW area needs to stay with the states, and not have the Federal Government involved. 

Some would say that this proposal is in play now and should be adopted.  Allowing the Federal Govenment into the CCW areas opens up a can of worms.  Lets look a few areas.

  • Taxes.  The Federal Govenment is alway running out of money.  They are always looking for ways to bring more money into their hands.  Allowing them into the CCW arena would allow them to ask for taxes on every CCW License or Permit.  Some say that this could not happen.  Look at the current Obama Health Law.  The Supreme Court has said that by NOT participating in the plan, is a TAX not a penalty.  Don't take a chance by allowing the Federal Govenment in any area of the CCW Arena. 
  • A lot of people are concerned about the Federal Government knowing who owns firearms.  They belive that even the Federal Form # 4473 is being kept by the Federal Government.  They do not believe that this form is destroyed by the ATF.  Now, if H.R. 822 is passed, what prevents the Federal Government from requiring that the states send them the personal information on every person who has received a state Carry License or Permit?  Don't take a chance on this.
  • Gun Control.  Whenever a bad shooting happens, there is always the push for more gun control.  By allowing the Federal Government into the CCW Arena, every person who has received a Carry License or Permit, faces a real problem if the Federal Government knows the person has a CCW License or Permit.  Don't take that chance.  
    This article is bringing up areas that some Legally Armed Citizens may have not thought about. If this law passes, these are the people who will be affected.  The gun haters will not care because they want you to loose your ability to own guns. Don't look at what can be gained by H.R. 822, look beyond at what you might loose in the future.
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Reader Comments

" I agree 100% about not trusting the government.  I would like to carry in all the states, but if it is going to cause me to look over my should for the feds, I don't want it that much.  Did not think about the future with this bill, until your article.  Tbanks, Danny W. Texas "

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