Colorado Concealed Weapon Permit Holder Stops Church Attack

It has come to light that the person who stopped the attacker in a Colorado Church is a Colorado Concealed Weapon Permit Holder.  She volunteered to work security at the church because of a recent attack at another Church.  She did what the law allowed her to do and, she saved a number of lives.  She was also a police officer for a few years in another state.

What is different in this attack than in some of the other incidents where a violent person killed or tried to kill innocent people?  The presence of a firearm to stop the attacker.  Lead not words ended this attack. In      'gun free zones', only the attackers have a fiream. 

There were deaths in this incident but, there were fewer deaths because of a heroric person who knew that words alone would not stop this attacker. 

It is this type of response that places a true label on  'gun free' zones.  That label says ridiculous!   

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Male or female, it does give some credibility about no gun locations. 
With the amount of ammunition this person had, it leaves little to the imagination
about what could have happened if he was allowed to continue.
Richard Jennings - Tennessee
We need more people that are willing to stand up and do what is right in the time of need.
I would hope I had the courage to stand my ground as well as she did.
Gerald McLawhorn
Athens, TN
I know of two churches in middle Tn. who have armed guards. You can't tell them from regular attendees, But they are there armed, trained and ready.
The old Chief.
"I am a police officer in New York City. We hear about how little training security guards have and other areas about them. I would be proud to have this person as my partner anytime at any place.
She did better than most of the people I work with."
Name Withheld - New York City
I have a conceled handgun license. I go to church every Sunday, my 40 caliber glock is with me, only god knows I have it. If needed I will use it.
From Texas.
Female here from South Carolina.  Won't catch me anywhere without my .38 in my bag.  There are bad people all around & sometimes good people get stressed out and become bad people.  I only know that my mind & my pistol will give me better odds of getting out of a danger than to call & wait for the police, or be in a location where they told me not to carry my gun because it is a 'gun free' zone but, the criminal didn't care.  Not me.  Rather go down shooting than be pushed into a trunk.
South Carolina
I love reading about all the cwp holders and the constant good they do, I only wish I didnt live in a state (NJ) where its practically impossible to get a cwp, but to all those who do carry and do so legally I praise you!! 
New Jersey
A few years back in Murfreesboro, Tennessee during a Sunday Church service, two masked robbers came into the church and robbed everybody & the donation boxes.  Since then, almost all the parishinoer's tote a pistol in church. No more robbries since that time.
Armed Christian
I pastor a Southern Baptist of a good size.  I wear my weapon to church.
This lady did the right thing, by all that is taught in the Bible, and I praise God that He was with her as she did her duty! Let us be quick to note that the Omaha mall had unarmed security guards and the gunman maintained complete control for as long as he wanted to. Praise God for a pastor in Denver who was smart enough to realize that the Lord expects us to take an interest in our own safety, and he provided protection for those under his charge with this magnificent lady.
Bob in Arkansas
I am from Texas, according to it is against the law to carry your gun in church, well I have carried my gun with me to church before all of this broke out and still do. Only god and I know I have a gun. I am retired military, have a conceled handgun license, some say yes and some says no. Thanks. Ralph from Texas

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