Civil Unrest
Are You Prepared?

Anarchy May Be Near!

The 'Fast & Furious' fubar has created more distrust with the Obama Administration.
►People who voted for Obama are now rethinking their decision.
If Obama wins or looses in the 2012 Presidential Elction, there could be Civil Unrest in the streets
Remember the riots after Martin Luther King was assisinated.  Similar riots could take place again.
►Hard economic times, no jobs, irritation with the Government, these are just a few reasons to be ready for Civil Unrest.


1 - Bad economic times = more crime

2 - President Obama 

3 - Whatever you have, someone else wants

4 - Don't depend on any agency for protection

5 - Preparing the family psychologically

6 - Preparing the home for defense
7 - Weapons for survival

8 - Don’t trust anyone outside the family

9 - Attack methods used againt you

10 - Effective Weapon Ranges

11 - Necessity of ammo & firepower

12 - Determent

13 - Weapon Capability

14 - Binoculars & spotting scopes

15 - Readiness of weapons & practice

16 - Food & Emergency Supplies

17 - Protective gear

18 - Weapons documentation & authorization

19 - Cash, gold + barter

20 - If possible, a different location

21 - Terrain of new location

22 - Your New Life


Bad Economit Times = More Crime

The British Government is preparing for more crime because of tough economic times. Gordon Brown wrote in the News of the World in September 2008: "We know that, historically, in tough economic times, there has been a rise in crimes of violence and theft.”

Safety Director of the Columbus, Ohio Police Department, Mitchell Brown said in September 2008: “From a law enforcement perspective, we expect that, when there are difficult economic times, criminals get more bold than during better economic times,"

Regular Army Troops, not National Guard, are now training in Georgia for possible deployment against civil unrest in the USA. These are not National Guard, but regular Army of the First Brigade Combat Team. Is this a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act? According to Maj. Craig T. Trebilcock, U.S. Army Reserve, it is not. He wrote:

“The erosion of the Posse Comitatus Act through Congressional legislation and executive policy has left a hollow shell in place of a law that formerly was a real limitation on the military’s role in civilian law enforcement and security issues. The plethora of constitutional and statutory exceptions to the act provides the executive branch with a menu of options under which it can justify the use of military forces to combat domestic terrorism. Whether an act of terrorism is classified as a civil disturbance under 10 U.S.C., 331–334, or whether the president relies upon constitutional power to preserve federal functions, it is difficult to think of a domestic terrorism scenario of sizable scale under which the use of the military could not be lawfully justified in view of the act’s erosion. The act is no longer a realistic bar to direct military involvement in counter terrorism planning and operations. It is a low legal hurdle that can be easily cleared through invocation of the appropriate legal justification, either before or after the fact.”

Now, based on civil unrest that could occur in the USA, some of the training the 3rd Brigade will undergo consists of ‘non-lethal’ force. This is something that the Founding Fathers would never have considered. Full time regular Army would be trained incase they had to engage civilians in the USA. If there were no threat, there would be no troops training for civil unrest! 

Over history, wars have been fought to better one society by taking what another society has. The French Revolution was fought to better the lower class. They fought and took control of France because the Upper Class had all the food and privileges. This is similar to what could take place in the USA. The Middle Class could rebel because the U.S. Government and their elected officials are not doing what their sworn oath says they should do.

In dangerous situations, a person cannot depend on any agency of the Government to protect them. An example is what happened in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Police officers took care of their own families. This should not be unusual for anyone to understand. They did what they felt they needed to do in dangerous times. So, if history shows that in bad economic times crime goes up, you need to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.


President Obama

President Obama has caused a lot of distrust in the U.S. Government.  Much more than other U.S. Presidents.  His form of social government has a lot of Veterans and other groups opposed to his management of the United States.  Czars now report only to his administration,  These Czars are not even approved or veted by the U.S. House or U.S. Senate.  This is wrong and most Americans know it.  A deep split has occurred between the Democratic and Republican Parties because of the way HE has purshed HIS rules on the American Public.  Bailouts of private companies, hugh amounts of money to enfoce his mandates even when the bulk of the American Citizens oppose these mandates.  In the new health law that Obama initiiated, these is a provision that calls for 16,000 I.R.S. Agents to enforce HIS mandates over the bulk of businesses in the country.  Now when it is important to create jobs, the Obama Administration is using the I.R.S. to enforce the mandates of HIS administration.  Armed resistance is heard accross America.

Most of the people who once wore a uniform of any branch of the U.S. Military, fought to stop other countires from doing this to their citizens what is now happening in the United States of America.  Under OBAMA, these I.R.S. Agents are being called the current era Gestapo.  Because of this, more and more groups are popping up accross the United States of American to oppose this Administration.  Armed resitance is being called on by some of these groups.


Whatever you have, someone else wants

How many times has a neighbor borrowed something from you? Now multiply that one neighbor by an additional 500 people wanting something from you. That is a reasonable number of people within a one mile radius of your home that might want something you possess. Now consider that these people will not ask you for anything. They will take what they want. Are you currently prepared to stop them? Food, clothing, medicine, tools, are just some of the things others might want from you. This is what happens during Anarchy. Even before it gets this bad, some will try and steal things from you for drugs, or to pawn for money. This happens every day and in most cases, these people will bring violence to your doorsteps. Don’t prepare for their arrival, and your calls for help will fall on deaf ears. You will become food for this vermin.  Between the years of 2005-2006, government statistics show that there were 134,385 robberies (Department of Justice, robbery cases, table 6), 72,051 of these robberies were armed robberies. If you intend to stop someone from robbing you, it is not going to happen because you have a phone in your hands calling the police. It will be because you had prepared for them. You were faster, smarter, and had a bigger gun plus more ammo than the robbers. Wars and conflicts between nations, societies, gangs, etc., are not won with words. They are won in a bitter struggle that in most cases, has the winners with the larger cache of ammunitions and weapons.

The Watts Riots is a good example of what can happen during a period of Anarchy. The people who were not prepared to defend themselves became victims of the aggressors. Robberies, thefts, rapes, mutilations, and killings, happened every day. The police were not in the area because it was too violent. Those who had weapons were able to fight back and survived.

Of all the businesses that were ransacked then burned, what businesses survived? Those that were owned by Koreans. They were prepared to fight back against their attackers. They defended their lives and property from the aggressive acts of the mob. If you want to protect yourself, your family, and your home, you need the tools and mindset to do the job. If you only depend on the police for your protection, you have no one to blame when you look into the eyes of your attacker before he or she sticks their knife into your throat. After you and your family are gone, others will say how unfortunate and meaningless your deaths were. Then they will go back to their own lives and forget about you within a short period of time. Only you can make the decision to survive in violent times. Nothing might occur but if it does, you will have done what your family expects of you. Provide them with security and safety from predators.


Don’t Depend On Any Government Agency For Your Protection

Some people still have the misunderstanding that it is the DUTY of police to protect them. The courts have ruled that this is not the case. Their duty is to enforce laws whenever possible. They do a great job but, there are not enough people in law enforcement even if they tried to protect everyone. They usually respond when called after something has occurred. Although it sometimes happens, it is unusual for anyone in law enforcement to stop a crime before it occurs.

During civil unrest, the state has the ability to activate the National Guard to help keep the peace. Because of wars and lower numbers in the Guards, their help will be reduced. Also, these are individuals who have their own families. During the riots in New Jersey in 1968, the Guard was activated after spending the mandatory two years on active duty. A large number spent the 2 years in Viet Nam. 

New Jersey was in flames. Police were being shot at. The Guard was activated to reduce the violence. However, after Vietnam, some Guard members elected to stay with their families to protect them. Other Guard members did not object or blame them for not putting their uniform back on. So, if you sit back and believe that in times of civil unrest, you will be protected by Government Agencies, your fate is sealed.


Prepare Your Family Psychologically

You try and raise children to be smart, kind, and respectful of others. You work to teach them right from wrong like your family did for you. However, not everyone tries to do the same for their children.

It is unfortunate but when children of dysfunctional families become adults, most do not have the same morals and the ability to decipher right from wrong. They function based on what they want. If you have what they want, you are just an obstacle in their way from getting what they believe they should have. Even if you give them what they want, most times they want more. Because of this problem, you have to teach your family about survival and the unfortunate truth that no matter what it takes, they must consider the family unit above all else. This is especially true because of the number of people in our society who have been imprisoned and have become even more hardened because of their incarceration. These people will become the top of the food chain during riots and civil unrest. They will be the leaders of the pack. If you have not prepared yourself and your family to deal with these predators, you will not survive. Survival should be taught to every family member just like reading, and the basics necessary in a normal society. Anarchy is not a normal society.


Preparing The Home For Defense

Members of military Special Forces Units go through isolation periods before and after military engagements. Before they are deployed, the survival and kill psychological agenda is re-embedded in their minds so they can do their mission and survive. After they return and before they are released back into society, they are again isolated to bring them off the kill mode and back to a level to live within a normal society. Sometimes this does not work and you read stories about a returning soldier who has killed a member of their family or a stranger because of something they did to them or, what they felt they had to do in order to survive. It is hard to try and explain this type of mindset to someone who has never been in a situation where they were close to death because of the actions of another person.

Try and think about this scenario. When the door bell rings at your home, you normally go to the door ask who is there, and then open the door. One day you hear the door bell ring. You thought it was your son who forgot his key, but when you opened the door, two masked men holding knives, push you back into your house. One of them is also holding a handgun. Before you can scream, you are stabbed and shot. You run to the bedroom to try and wake your husband up but, the men follow you and shoot your husband. While they do this, you are able to sneak out of the room to where your husband has stored a pistol. For years you told him you did not want a gun in the home but now, you are looking for one to stay alive.

You find the pistol but you are shaking so bad, you are not sure if you could hit an elephant. The masked men have realized you are missing from the room. They are now hunting for you. You catch one of them by surprise and shoot all of the bullets in his direction. You hit him but, he is still moving and there is still another one of them in the house and, you are out of bullets. This is what actually happened in Florida when an average homeowner opened her door. Although she survived, she now keeps steel bars on her windows, pistols all over the house, and does not even think about opening her doors without looking at the monitors in her home to see who is at the door.

Her brief experience developed her mindset about survival. Do you want a similar experience before you start thinking about your own survival?. One of the first things you must do is create the need for survival in each family member and why it is important. Remember that your children have not experienced what you have in you lifetime. Getting their minds ready is very important for the total family unit.

One of the easiest ways to begin the survival mode of thinking that your family needs, is to have a ‘survival’ room. You will have the necessary tools for survival in the room. You also go over the reason why the room is there, and why it is important for the family members to get there in an emergency. By explaining why the room is necessary, you are able to bring up the mode of survival and why the survival tools are in the room. You are not telling any member of the family to kill anyone or try and hurt anyone but, when explaining the reasons behind the room, natural instinct starts to work within their minds. You have begun to eliminate their ‘everyone is my friend attitude’. This will allow you to start the training mode to prepare them for what might happen in the future.


                                                                           This is a good example of a safety room with a good door. 
                                                                           No handles or knobs on the door. The lock is controlled by a 
                                                                 panel inside the door that also has a manual lock incase there is no electicity.

Items that should be included in the 'SAFE' room are:

Use solid core or a metal door for the entrance. Use a heavy-duty 1” throw bolt lock on door. Close when all family members are inside. If possible, use a sliding door without any handles or knobs [see photo].

Land-line and cell phone.

Crank flashlights and crank radio + battery flashlight and battery radio [extra batteries a must].

Air horn or alarm that can be heard by neighbors and if possible, blinking strobe lights outside the home so neighbors can place the alarm with the location of the strobe lights.  Fire extinguisher incase intruders try and burn you out of the room.

Water and MRE’s / at least a 3 day supply or longer, and vitamins. Some comfort food like candy .

Medical supplies for injuries including any medicine that is required by family members. Important is some ‘quick seal’ that will stop bad bleeding until treated.

Shotgun and ammunition for primary weapon.

Additional handguns and ammo for each family member old enough to know how to shoot.

Try and have a ‘window’ in the room, and an escape ladder to hang from the window.

Toilet paper, towelettes, liquid soap, feminine supplies, plastic bucket with tight lid for human waste if there is no bathroom in the room, and plastic bags.

Reading material including some prayer books.


Weapons For Survival

Most people never think about doing harm to another person. However, in dangerous encounters, this might be the only way to help you and family members stay alive. In a home situation, the best type of firearm to use is a shotgun. It is not difficult to use, and it covers a wider area than a pistol. This means a better chance of hitting what you want.


Here is photo of what a shotgun can do at close range.
Just imagine what happened inside the body.
It stopped this person fast.


Using a shotgun means adding the odds of survival on your side. There are special ‘self-defense’ loads you can purchase at a gun store that will increase the effectiveness of the shotgun. It is best to know what type of defense load your shotgun can handle. Your local gun store can assist you with your selection of the shotgun and the shot shells.

HANDGUNS: Everyone in the family should be taught how to safely handle a pistol. If not a lot of time is spent on practice, revolvers are a good choice because if they don’t fire, you just pull the trigger again. With semi-automatics, if a gun jams, or there any type of malfunction, you need to know how to clear the gun quickly. If you don’t have the time to learn and practice these procedures, revolvers are a better choice. Although semi-automatics carry more ammunition, what good is more ammo if you can’t fire the gun?                          

                                                gun1                                                 gun2

                                                            Revolver                                                                                  Semi-Automatic


Don’t Trust Anyone Outside The Family Unit

Your are the leader of you family ‘pack’. It is your duty to keep the family unit out of harms way. Preparations made for your families survival should be kept seceret. The fewer your realatives and neighbors know about what you are doing and the ‘survival’ room, the better. The only exception to this is if you live in a neighborhood with neighbors who have the same mindset regarding preparing for survival. By linking together with CB’s, you can increase the protection of your home and others. Outside of this, you must instruct the family members to keep quite about what you are doing. Most people will think you are nuts so, why give them the chance to make you feel silly. Also, it could be one of them who might be knocking, or not knocking, at your door demanding smothing you own! Your ‘survival’ room is special and should only be known by family members.


Attack Methods Used Against You

Your ‘survival’ room is similar to a bunker in a war zone. Because you might face similar chalenges, you need to understand what type of attacks you might encounter during a period of civil unrest.

Exposed Attack-This is where the enemy comes at you directly in the open. In times of civil unrest, you will take turns with family members to watch the perimiters of your home for intruders. If you see they are armed, you can dispose of them with long gun fire. In addition to the weapons in the ‘survival’ room, you will need additonal long guns to meet your safety objectives. Look at the dirigram on the following pages to see what firearms you will need for particular distances.

Stealth Attack-Normally at night and coming at you from different entry points. Only with good alertness by your watch person, or with outside warning systems, can this attack be defended.  Consider an alarm system that covers the outside perimeter of your home. The one problem you will encouter if you use this type system, is the frequency of alarms because of animals crossing into the alarm path. Also, in a time when there is no electricity, only a generator will make it work.

Fire ‘Blitz’ Attack-In times of cilvil unrest or complete Anarchy, expect to see Gangs taking over reigons. One of the first places they will have robbed is gun stores. They will have superior arms and ammunition. If they encounter a location that they experience an armed defense, they will use all of their fire power to defeat this location. A ‘Safety’ room might be the only chance of survival. In this type of period, Gangs will have to show complete strength so that they will be obeyed. Becaues of this, they might burn out all opposition so others will obey them and teach others a lesson. An escape route from the ‘Safety’ room might be your only chance for survival.


Know the effective range of your weapons

Figure out with the acreage at your home & what type of weapons you will need for proper defense.

In most instances, the shotgun will be your best defense and, it will also be good up to distance of about 50 yards.

800 yards
.308 caliber
7.62 mm
Long gun with scope

300 yards
.223 caliber
5.56 mm

50 yards
12 Gauge

Pistols should be carried by all members of the family who are old enough to know how to use them.


Ammo & Firepower

We have discussed weapons and ammo but, you need to understand the importance of having enough ammo and the correct type of firepower. Firearms have been a staple in the American culture for some time. Getting guns is not a problem for most people. However, the people you are concerned about are the gangs and others who are use to breaking the law. These people will have handguns and some long guns. You need to have superior firepower and more ammo. If civil unrest stays for a while, your family unit has to survive during this time frame. The longer it is around, the more chance that some groups will target your home for what they want. Being able to defend your home and the family over prolonged attacks will mean the difference of staying alive or dying in your home. The cost of ammunition has increased as fast a gasoline. Look for reloads to help reduce your costs.



It will be easier to stop someone outside your home than on your doorsteep. However, if you start to put protective barbed wire up before civil unrest develops in your neighborhood, you will have problems with your neighbors and possible the police. This does not mean you can’t get ready for when and if civil unrest occurs.

In terms of defense, barbed wire is something that is necessary to deter advancement to your location. Standard barbed wire comes on a roll about 100 foot in length. It is double strand # 12 wire with barbs spaced about 4” apart.

The wire is attached to wood or metal pickets. Before you buy or make any pickets, determine where you want to set them in the ground. This allows you to make or buy only what you need plus a few for reserve. Dig the holes in the gound before any civil unrest occurs. This will make it easier to place the pickets in the ground when you need them. You will also need some wire post ties. These can be used to attache the wire to the pickets.

You want to make the barbed wire a good determent. You can attach items that will make sounds when disturbed. A metal buckett with ball berrings or glass in it. Something that will make enough sound when disturbed so you can be alerted.

Again, keep quiet about this project. When the local hardware man askes why you need the barbed wire, just say it is for a personal project. Less known by others is better for you.

I’m sure you are at the point of saying “This guy is nuts”. Well, lets consider that you never have to use the barbed wire or any of the defensive tools you bought. Be glad you did not have to use them. However, if you have to use them, remember when we thought we were all nuts but, we have the tools to stay alive.


Weapon Capability

You may have to purchase some weapons in order to defend your family. You don’t have to purchase new expensive weapons. There are used firearms in gun stores placed on consignment by their owners. You can also go to a gun show and find what you desire. Keep in mind that when you purchase from a person or company with a Federal Firearms License, you must go through a criminal background investigation. This does not take a lot of time but, it has to be done because the burden is on the seller to complete this task. However, consider this, in some state like Georgia, a person with a Georgia Firearms License who is allowed to carry a loaded handgun on their person, is not subject to this background check. Find out what the procedure is in your state. If a person who is authorized to carry a firearm is also able to bypass the background check when purchasing a firearm, the less people know, especially the government, it is better for you. Find out the requirements in your state.


Binoculars or Spotting Scopes

If you are not a hunter, you probably don’t have any binoculars or scopes for seeing objects far away. One of these is critical in times when someone could be coming after you or your family to cause harm. You can find what you need a most sporting or firearm stores. You need to be able to fix in on an object at least 500 yards away.

You can identify a friendly person and others who are not friendly. Every member of the family who is at ’watch’, needs to have either binoculars or a scope they can use.



Readiness of Weapons  & Practice

We have gone over the types of weapons that can help your family survive in difficult times. However, just owning the weapons is not enough. Before times get bad, all the family members need to become familiar with each weapon they may have to use. Without practice and training on each weapon, they become useless when needed.

If you are not a hunter or enjoy the shooting sports, you probably don’t know where to go to practice. Most towns and communities have laws about shooting within city or town limits. However, almost every state has some type of wildlife agency that has shooting ranges or locations you can practice. If you need instruction, ask your local Sheriff or call the National Rifle Association for an instructor in your region. Remember not to speak to anyone about why you are practicing. Just let them know you want everyone in the family to understand how to shoot.


Food & Emergency Supplies

We touched on what types of food and supplies are necessary in the ‘safety’ room. Some might not understand what M.R.E.’s are. This stands for Meals Ready To Eat. They are used primarily by military troops. They consist of cooked meals that can be heated with utensils included in the package.

M.R.E.’s can be purchased at military surplus stores, around military bases, sporting goods stores, and on the Internet.

Another reason to get some additional M.R.E.’s is if it comes to civil unrest, and it goes on for some time, these might become a commodity that others might need. Bartering M.R.E.’s for some things the family unit needs, can be done. The food stores will have been emptied of their inventory so, people will be hungry and Meals Ready To Eat will be desired.


Protective Gear

In dire times even small wounds can cause havoc. The cost for protective gear is not that great. Remember that if you find it necessary to shoot at someone, you probably have figured out that they are also armed. They will be shooting back at you.

KEVLAR vests are used by the military and law enforcement. They help protect the vital areas of the body when shot. Anyone in your family who is on watch or has to go outside of your home during times of civil unrest, should have a protective vest under their clothing. If the times are really bad, protecting the head is vital. Old helmets used in WWII or Vietnam will protect against shrapnel but, not a direct shot. Some current military helmet are made of bullet resistant plastic and are worth the cost. Some military surplus stores might carry helmets from Israel that are made of this material. Have at least one so that any family member on watch, can be safer while doing their job.


Weapons Documentation & Authorization to Carry

Homeland Security Act H.R. 5441, passed in 2006, Sec. 706 Firearms Policies :Prohibition of Confiscation of Firearms. It bans gun confiscation, gun registration on where a firearm may be possessed, confiscation, registration, and restrictions to existing laws are still allowed. However, not every state has a similar law on their state books. Louisiana, and some other states have enacted laws that do not allow gun confiscation during times of emergencies. You need to check on your state law to know where you stand.

Every one in the family unit who is 21 or older, should have a carry license or permit for your home state. This will allow any member of the family to be armed at all times. The cost to obtain this license or permit is not excessive but in a time of civil unrest, being legal to carry a firearm could mean keeping the firearm if stopped by police or not. Check your state laws.


Cash, Gold, + Barter

If you prepare correctly, you will also have some cash, gold, and enough supplies you can barter with. Lets face it, no one knows what can happen if civil unrest is drawn out for a long period of time. During this time, terrorists can take action to cause a devastating blow to the U.S.A. with some type of dirty bomb. Having items that can be used to gain other items the family needs will be very important during a long period. Extra ammunition, extra M.R.E.’s, extra water, extra gold or currency is important.

If you take the proposition that civil unrest could come, you will take the necessary steps to prepare the family and the tools you need for surviving the difficult times. If you are able to store additional items, they may be important. However, don’t panic if you can’t. Your ammunition, weapons, M.R.E.’s, and medical supplies are the most important. If you are able to store more fine but, just make sure there is enough for the family.


Different Location

Most of what has been discussed here is about your current home. If you have a ‘retreat’ away from your home, that is in a lower populated region, this is the place you should prepare. Why? The fewer people in a region, the easier it will be for the family to survive. Fewer neighbors, fewer people to want your stuff, fewer people to cause you trouble.

Gangs are populated mostly in cities. Although they have spread their reach into all areas of the country, they are not as dense in lower populated communities. Again, when civil unrest occurs, gangs will work their way up to the top of the food chain. As much distance between them and your family, the better.

If this ‘getaway’ home is in the country, you have a much better chance to do what you want without anyone else knowing about it. Again, the fewer people who know your plans, the better for your family.


Terrain of Retreat Home

If your ‘retreat’ is isolated from others, you have a better chance of forming the perimeters to your liking. You can cut certain trees or shrubs to increase the observation by the members of the family on watch. Don’t cut too many. You want to hide as much as possible. Forming your own perimeters and determents like barbed wire, camouflaged holes, animal wire traps, etc., is something you can do to help increase the odds of survival to your side.

In this location, you can also bury your cache of ammunition, and other extra items you want to store. Keep in mind that moisture and oxygen are your two greatest enemies regarding storing weapons in the ground. The container used for storing firearms needs to be made of rust proof material, aluminum, hard plastic, zinc, or PVC.

In the case of ammunition or weapons parts, you need to purge the container of moisture and O2. Coat your weapons in grease, or fill the container with oil and submerge the weapons. Either way you need to disassemble the weapons so that the springs do not wear out and tape assembly instructions in a Ziploc bag to the underside of the containers lid.

Another method is to grease weapons parts, put ammo in the same container and throw dry ice inside. Put the lid on without sealing it and as the CO2 expands from the ice, it will purge the moisture. Then seal and caulk the container and duct tape the seal. You can get containers at a good price from : Cheaper Than Dirt here is their website


Your New Life

During this period of escape from civil unrest, you will live completely different than what you were use to. Going to work is out, shopping is out, seeing a movie or whatever form of enjoyment you had is out. The family unit will be closer than ever before. Your children's friends will not be coming over, your friends and neighbors will not be seen. This is a new life for as long as you have to live it.

Families always have arguments. However, in this close and dangerous life, the fewer confrontations, the better for everyone. The head of the household is now a position that has to exhibit complete authority. Danger is around the corner so work to make living with each other as congenial as possible. Games, schooling, and other pastimes can help in close confinement. But, the best method might be a prayer book to help with all the miser that has been thrown on all of you.


I hope this article helps you. It is not a tell all publication. It is intended to get people thinking about the future. When I started writing this article the largest loss since the 1930’s in the stock market happened, the federal government injected billions into companies and banks to keep them afloat,    Rep. Barnie Frank said he knew how to handle the problem [after causing a part of the problem while porking Herb Moss of Fannie Mae], the presidential election of 2008 was taking place, and most Americans scratched their heads about what was happening. Meanwhile, Osama was still in the mountains of Pakistan thinking how his group can add to the misery in the USA.  If you get no benefit from this article, remember that when times are real rough, and if you printed this article, it can be used for toilet paper!

Lets hope we meet each other on the other side of the Civil-Unrest.


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"I learned how to survive during Viet Nam.  When I went there, everyone I met was nuts.  After 6 months, I was nuts but I knew how to survive.  Most will think you are nuts but, just wanted to let you know your not...or at least I think your not, but remember that I am nuts...but still alive."

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"2 Tours in Iraq.  Now that I am home, I can't understand this election.  A war hero who has served all his adult life, against a person who has questionable ties to individuals assiciated with acts of terror in the USA, and a person who has never worn a military uniform.  What am I missing?  Most of the Black soldiers I know will vote for Obama.  I'm sure most whites are voting for McCain.  

As to your article, it is better to have the necessary tools to survive, than to not have them when needed.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us."

Active duty Army stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky


"I believe there could be huge civil disorder by the inner city black populations if  McCain wins and accusations of fraud are hurled.
The king makers' companies provide the voting machines and count the votes too. So whomever they want will be the Pres. It is more likely that next year when the liquidity that was dumped into the banking system by the bail out banksters begins to hit the streets we will hit 200% inflation (optimistic estimate) or 400% pessimistic estimate. Then the crapola will hit the fan for sure. GO TO if you haven't yet and get Wesley Rawles' book Patriots, Surviving the coming economic collapse. It is scary how prophetic it is."
Thanks for the emails.

"I guess we are all a little nuts. Keep up the great work. Nice article."
David H.
"During the Watts riots I was a police officer.  Thought I had seen almost everything over 22+ years.  Learned during the riots how bad things can get.  Hope it does not happen again but, it might.  During times of civil unreset like riots, good people are hurt and bad people rule the streets.  If it happens again, I hope the good people have more firepower this time."
John W.
Los Angeles
"Good article Gene. I am a war vet and my family does know how to defend them selfs because of that. You have put together some vital steps of survival in a troubled time in all our lives thanks."
C. Lewis
Dear Gene: As you must know I have been following your articles for quite some time, and do I think anything less than your a good source of information, NO, not at all! As you know I have answered many of your articles pro or con, and I plain like to read what you have to say! Keep up the good work, and I do mean work, as it must be! Being a disabled Veteran 100% Total & Perm. I think you have something to say, and I read it. Thanks for your Service to all Americans.
Great summary article! The most important item in a survival kit is mindset.
Everything else supports that mindset. It’s the will behind the weapon that insures victory.


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