Concealed Weapon Badge Alternative

Current estimates place the total number of Legally Armed Citizens around 10,500,000.  This is a large number. It is more than the number of active Law Enforcement Officers in the U.S.A..  All the individuals who have received authorization to carry a Lethal Weapon, have passed some form of criminal background investigation before being allowed to carry lethal weapons.  However these people are not part of the law enforcement community.  The object for a Carry License or Permit, is for the person to have a means of self-defense if attacked, by having access to the Leathal Weapon. 

The largest single irritation in the Law Enforcement Community regarding Legally Armed Citizens is the use of badges that resemble police or law enforcement badges.  These badges are worn by civilians who have been issued a Carry License or Permit or a Concealed Weapon License or Permit.  These badges say CCW Permit Holder, CCW Weapon Permit, and some have the name of the state and the seal of the state that issued their authorization.   Because most people cannot read what a badge says, even at a short distance, when viewing one of these badges, they assume it is a Law Enforcement Badge.  This leaves the door open for problems to occur.  There have been documented incidents that have led to arrests of individulas who used one of these badges, for impersonating a police offiicer.   A large part of the Law Enforcment Community  object to these badges.  They say the badges are too close to what commissioned Law Enforcement Officers wear, and should not be used. has an alternative to the CCW Badges as seen below. 

We at believe that there should be an alternative to CCW badges.

Here is one of the Reflective ID Cases we make.
Cost is only $10.





Reflective ID Case at night.  Your seen a distance away by the police. 


As can be seen by the photo above, the reflective material works well.
Don't you think this is better than a badge!

The reason given for the use of badges by Legally Armed Citizens is if they are involved in a shooting incident, they can hold the badge up after the shooting so law enforcement officers can see the badge and hopefully think they are another officer, or a security person.  This may or may not be accurate but even if it is, an alternative to using a CCW badge for civilians should be available.  This is why we produce the Reflective ID Case.  Another area that a person should consider is that at night, a badge may not be seen.  This does NOT occur with the Reflective Material inside the ID Case [see above]. 

When a person is authorized to carry a lethal weapon, they should keep their authorization in a location they can get to FAST.  The Legally Armed Reflective ID  Case prevents digging in pockets or purse for a wallet, then fumbling through the contents of the wallet to get the CCW License or Permit.  When stopped for a speeding violation at 2 am, this makes a difference to any officer.  These products are an alternative to what is available in the CCW market.

The person's Carry License or Permit, is visible when the case is open.  When closed, it might look like a cell phone case.

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Comments Received

" As a L.E.O., I am glad to see someone offering an alternative to the badges.
The majority of L.E.O's believe in the Right of civilians to carry weapons.
I have never had a problem with a law abiding person who was armed.
The only nudge I feel personally is the badge.  Thnks for offering an alternative.
Deputy John, Knox County, Tennessee
I bought the Reflective ID Case at a gun show.  I consider this a good idea and hope other people who 
have a license or permit will get one.  The more who use these, the less the badge is used.
Alex Wooden
Tennessee Handgun Permit Holder
Bought the leather I.D. case at the Kingsport gun show.  Great idea.
My son is a police officer and he wanted to get one for his wife, but
when he want back to the gun show, you were already gone.
He wanted mine but he did not get it.
Donnie M.,
Kingsport, Tennessee
During our problems in Louisiana, we learned to make sure the police knew you were
no harm to them.  I think this I.D. Case will help in a dangerous situation when the police arrive.
Andy Wilson, Louisiana
I agree that badges similar to Law Enforcement Officers can only add to confusion.
The alternative Badge ID you descripted here is just common sense and totally practical.
The NRA should get behind this concept as it would help elevate gun owners as responsible law biding citizens
Columbia, MD
I recently ordered the Georgia Firarms License I.D. Case & name plate.  On the 2nd day I carred it, I was stopped
for speeding violation in Dalton, GA.  When I showed the GA Trooper my Firearms License & drivers license, he told me
he liked the ID Pouch versus the GA CCW Badges.  He told me that he thinks the badges will get some people in trouble.
I think the I.D. Case helped me get out of an expensive speeding ticket.  
Joel, Cobb County, Georgia
To whom it may concern. I personally served my country for over twenty years in the United States Navy, 13 of those years in Military law enforcement
and as a military police Investigator as well as a reserve office in different local agencies. Those persons who seek to carry badges are only inviting trouble.
When displaying badges and not being a duly sworn Commissioned Officer, the person opens the door to confusion from another citizen asking for assistance from who they thought was the Police..
Use this I.D. Case and b. e recognized as a Legally Armed Citizen, not a  Law Enforcement Officer.
Mark in Oregon

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