Alabama Pistol Permit

The requirements to obtain an Alabma Pistol Permit are not hard.  The permit is issued by Alabama County Sheriffs.  The list of the Sheriffs and the pistol fees for each county can be viewed on our website.  Click here for anual pistol fees.

There is no mandatory training requirement to obtain an Alabama Pistol Permit.  Some counties do require a minimum of six (6) months residency in Alabama before a the pistol permit can be issued.  This provision is up to each individual County Sheriff. 
The majority of counties do not have a residency requirement.

The Alabma Pistol Permit is honored by a number of states [states that honnor the Alabama Pistol Permit].

The total number of active pistol permits is not known because this information is held at the county level not at the state level.  However, estimates on active Alabama Pistol Permits is high.  In Jefferson County [Birmingham], there are about 62,000 active pistol permits.  This is a very high % of the population.  The primary reason why these numbers are high is the low cost and no training requirements. 

It is the responsibility of every person who has an Alabama Pistol Permit to know the rules and regulations when they carry their pistol in Alabma or in any state.  Many Alabama Pistol Permit Holders use the Alabama Pistol Permit Travel Guide © to learn this information.


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