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I am under 21 & have a Pistol Permit.  The clerk at the permit office, Elizabeth, thought I could use this Reference Guide.  I'm glad I got it because it tells me the states that won't allow me to carry in their state, because I am not 21.  I did not know about this issue. 

Thanks to the Alabama Sheriffs Association for publishing this Pistol Permit Reference Guide.  I'm sure it helped keep out of trouble in some states I thought I was legal to carry in. 
Colbert County
" This is a good publication.  I always wanted to know the laws and regulations in the states that honored my Alabama Pistol Permit.  This is much easier than trying to look this informatin up on the Internet.  Thank you to the Alabama Sheriff's Association for this reference guide.
Mark S.
Madison County

" I travel to Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee for business.  I always tote my pistol when I travel.   Great tool to look up the rules before I enter a state.  Thanks for making travel a little bit easier for me. "
Sonya A.
 Marshall County

"Great reference source for anyone who has an Alabama Pistol Permit."
Eugene H.
Clarke County

"My Sheriff (Mobile County) did not have any.  Where can I get one?"
Roger, Mobile County


Roger:  Call the Alabama Sheriffs Association and order one.
Here is the toll free #:


"This is the best source of information I have seen.  I tried searching the Internet for the right information, but even after looking over some pro-gun sites and the web pages for some of the state government pages that honor my pistol permit, this publication makes it much easier to find the correct information and, the annual  up-dates is a GREAT idea.  Thanks to Sheriff Mack and the Alabama Sheriffs Association for putting this publication together."
William T.
Baldwin County Pistol Permit


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