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Please remember that when you leave the state of Alabama and enter into another state, you are subject to the laws and regulations of that state.
The Alabama Pistol Permit Reference Guide gives you the necessary information regarding state laws, to keep you informed when you travel.

Please review this page from the Alabama Pistol Permit Reference Guide.

  • Notice that there is a CAUTION in the Idaho page, and none in the Indiana Page.  This means that a person who has been issued an Alabama Pistol Permit but is under the age of 21, cannot carry in Idaho.  However, there is no CAUTION in the Indiana page.  This means they are allowed to carry in Indiana.  This is included in each state that honors the Alabama Pistol Permit.
  • The type of carry allowed in each state is shown at the top of each state page.
  • Restaurant carry is addressed at the first section of each state page.
  • Locations where carrying is not allowed in each state.
  • Special information about each state is listed at the bottom of each state page.
  • The regulatory agency for each state is listed at the bottom of the page, including their telephone #, if you have questions.

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