Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Travel Guide

Do you know the laws and regulations for the 39 states that honor the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit?  Do you know how to transport your handgun in the states that don't honor Tennessee?  This is information you need to know.  It takes time and a lot of searching to gather all this information.  Now you can have this information in one small publication for easy & quck access. Keep it in your vehicle when you travel.

Here are some of the areas in this publication:

* Codes and regulations regarding carrying in Tennessee.

* All the states that honor Tennessee listed in alphabetical order.

* Each state page describes the type of carry allowed in the state.

* The rules & regulations regarding carrying, that affect you when you enter each state.

* Can you enter a restaurant that sells alcohol while your armed, in each state.

*  States where it now mandatory to notify a L.E.O. that your armed.

* The Regulatory Agency for each state & their telephone #, if you want to ask them a question.

* States that don't honor Tennessee, and how to transport your pistol thru the state, or if they allow Open Carry

The Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Travel Guide is only $ 10.00.

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