National Reciprocity Law

Every state will gain more states when this law passes.  However, some states will increase more than other states.  Here are some states that will increases in more areas than others.

ALABAMA:  This state does nor require any training.  Alabama only requires a criminal  background check to receive an Alabama Pistol Permit.  Also Alabama issues to 18 year olds.  This provision of their law, removes some states that do not issue to anyone under 21 years old, and will not honor states that issue to anyone under 21 tears og age. 

ARIZONA:  Issues to a 19 year olds who is in the military.  Because they issue to someone under 21 years old, they loose certain states.  Under the National Reciprocity Law, they wiill add more states because age is not a factor.  However, the person must be at least 18 years old.

CALIFORNIA:  Very few states honor California because they are so rough on gun laws.  When this new law is passed, California will be honored by other states.  California counties will try and fight this new law, but the odds are against them.

CONNECTICUIT:  The same is with the state of Conneticut, they have few states that honor their state.  When this law passes, the will be honored by all other states.

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FLORIDA:  Florida does not honor any non-resident license or permit except their own Florida non-resident license.  Some states have dropped Florida because of this regulation.  When the National Reciprocity Law is passed, Florida will pick-up those states that dropped them.

IDAHO:  Idaho issues two (2) differnt licenses.  One is a basic license and the other is an enhanced license.  Some states will not honor the Idaho basic license while some other states will only honor the Enhanced Idaho License.  When the National Reciprocity Law is passed, both the basic and enhanced license will be accepted by other states. 

MISSISSIPPI:  Mississippi is a Constitutionsl State, they issue a standard permit and an enhanced permit.  Most states hnor the enhanced permit.  When the National Reciprocity Law is passed, a Mississippi permit (basic or enhanced), will be recognized in all states.


NEW JERSEY Very few states honor New Jersey because of their stand on guns.  With the passage of the National Reciprocioty Law, NJ will be honored in every state.

NEW YORK:  It is very hard to carry or transport in New York.  This shpuld change with the passage of the National Reciprocity Law.  There will be objections from New York City, but this is a Federal Law and will trump state laws.

NORTH DAKOTA:  North Dakota issues a Class I and a Class II Permit.  Most states honor the Class II Permit, but under the National Reciprocity Law both the Class I and Class II Permits will be honored because they are both issued by a state government.

TENNESSEE:  Minnesota and Washington dropped Tennessee from the states they honor.  This is because Tennessee noe issues to 18 year olds who are on active military duty and can provide proof of handgun training of 4 hours in the classroom, and 4 hours on the range.  When the National Reciprocity Law becomes effective, these two states will again honor the Tennessee Handgun carry Permit.

VIRGINIA: A number of states still do not honor Virginia because of what happen during 2016.  However, when the National Reciprocity Law goes into effect, these states will again honor the Virginia Handgun Permit. 


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