Type of Carry Allowed: Concealed or Open

Restaurant Carry: Yes. Not in bar area. Remember that you may not consume any alcohol while you are carrying a lethal weapon [handgun].
Must Inform Law Officer When Armed:  No

Restricted Locations [Code 571.107] :

1. Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol Station or Office.

2. Within twenty-five feet of any Polling Place on election day.

3. Any Correctional Facility.

4. Any Courthouse or Building used by the Court.

5. Any Government Meeting including the State Legislature.

6. Government owned buildings except public housing.

7. Bars.

8. Secured locations within airports.

9. Any place prohibited by federal law.

10. All schools including colleges.

11. Any Child Care Facility.

12. Any Casino.

13. The gated areas of an Amusement Park.

14. Churches and places of worship.

15. Private property with a 11X14 sign and 1” letters at conspicuous locations.

16. Arenas and Stadiums seating over 5,000 people.

17. Publicly accessible hospitals.

18. Commercial bus transportation.

NOTE: #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Possession of a firearm in a vehicle on these premises shall not be a criminal offense as long as the firearm is not removed from the vehicle.

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