Type of Carry Allowed: Concealed or Open

Restaurant Carry: Yes. Not in bar area. Remember that you may not consume any alcohol while you are carrying a lethal weapon [handgun].

Must Inform Law Officer When Your Armed:  Yes


Administrative Order 2001-1 of the Michigan Supreme Court:

"Weapons are not permitted in any courtroom, office, or other space used for official court business or by judicial employees unless the chief judge or other person designated by the chief judge has given prior approval consistent with the court’s written policy."

1. *Schools or school property but may carry in the while in a vehicle on school property while dropping off or picking up if a parent or legal guardian.

2. Public or private day care center, public or private child caring agency, or public or private child placing agency.
3. Sports arena or stadium

4. A tavern where the primary source of income is the sale of alcoholic liquor by the glass consumed on the premises

5. Any property or facility owned or operated by a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other place of worship, unless the presiding official allows concealed weapons

6. An entertainment facility that the individual knows or should know has a seating capacity of 2,500 or more

7. A hospital

8. A dormitory or classroom of a community college, college, or university

9. A Casino

10. Premises does not include parking areas of the above places 1 thru 9.

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