Concealed Weapon Fees

With milllions of Legally Armed Citizens in the USA (statistics page), what state provides the least expensive fee for a Carry License or Carry Permit?    There are now states that do not require a law abiding citizen to have a Carry License or Carry Permit to carry a handgun in their state.  However, this does not mean they can carry it in every state.  Granted, there are states that have enacted similar laws, but not that many.  Compare this to the number of states that have granted reciprocity to other states for their Carry License or Carry Permit. Milllioms of citizens have a Carry license or Carry Permit because they don't want to take a chance of being charged with carrying a weapon without the proper credentials.

With so many states now offering a Carry License or Carry Permit, what state requires the least amount of money?  The answer is in the South with the state of Alabama.  It is a simple process to receive an Alabama Pistol Permit.  Background check, no training, and pay a small fee for a Permit.  How small?  In Jefferson County, Birmingham, the annual Pistol Permit fee is only $ 7.50.  Birmingham holds the highest number of Alabama Pistol Permits in Alabama.  The fee is one good reason why there are so many.  Compare this annual       $ 7.50 fee to some other states where the Carry License or Carry Permit fee is in the hundreds of dollars, and also the cost of training is high.

Alabama was one of the first states to issue a Carry Permit.  It continues to remain one of the highest states with the number of Pistol Permits they issue each year.


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