Home Invasion
Your in your apartment with your wife.  Both of you are watching television when you hear a knock on the door.  You get up but before you open the door, you look through the peep-hole.  There is nothing you can see.  You realize that something is wrong, because you normally see the light outside.  It might be some kids trying to prank you, but why take a chance incase it is something dangerous.

Can't see the outside light because the person on the other side of your door, has their hand over the peep-hole.

You and your wife have practiced what to do.  You say to her " code red ". She immediately leaves the TV room, and goes to the closet in the bedroom where there is a pistol, and shuts the door. Since you only have one pistol, you get your AR-15, and take a shooting stance behind cover.  Your shaking, but you both have practiced this scenario.  You hope that nothing will happen, but soon you realize this is a Home Invasion when the door is kicked open with the bolt latch locked.  It would take a large & strong person to do this.  When he enters your apartment, you realize this is true.  


AR-15 used in Home Invasion by resident.

Not only is he big, he has a pistol in his hand. He shoots, and you shoot.  Bullets are all ove the apartment, but your shots hit the mark.  He drops his gun as he falls to the floor.  Your shaking, and you can hear your wife screamin in fright.  She tried to keep quiet, but the shooting sounds made her scream.  Something no one thought about practicing, because if it went down differently, the Home Invader would have known where she was hiding.  Don't let screams give away your location, keep a rag in your safe room to keep in your mouth to muffle any screams.


Where Home Invader died on the floor.  His pistol on the floor. 


Mask over face.  He probably did this before but on this day, he met a person who chose not to be a victom.


Pistol Home Invader droped when shot by resident.

Home Owner was not charged, because it was determined to be a Justifiable Homicide.

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