Connecticut Permit To Carry Pistols & Revolvers Digital Travel Guide

If you have been issued an Connecticut Permit To Carry Pistols & Revolvers, you need to know the laws and regulations that affect you when you travel with a weapon. It takes time and a lot of effort to search the Internet for all your answers. There is a much faster and better way to learn these laws & regulaytions. We have produced a PDF Travel Guide that is downloaded to your personal computor. All the laws and regulation for the states that honor Connecticut, and it also includes the states that don't honor Connecticut, and tells you how to transport your weapon in each of these states. Cost is only $ 5.00. Look at it when you travel, print the pages you will need when you travel. The best way to learn about the states that honor your Connticut Permit. Click on the button below to have this publication on your personal computor.

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Publication Consists Contains In Alphabetical Order:

  • States That Honor The Connecticut Permit & Their Laws And Regulations.
  • States That Do Not Honor Connecticut, And How To transport A Pistol In Their State.
  • Travel Guide Contains All 50 States.



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