CCW Identification

Lets say that your stopped for a vehicle violation by a Law Enforcement Officer.  You should keep your hands on the wheel, until the officer tells you what you did.  However, if you are armed, tell him your armed immediately.  This is required in some states, and not required in other states.  However, it puts you in a better position with the Officer by telling him.  He will normally ask where the weapon is, but that you not grab it.  Then he will normally ask for your Drivers License and you Carry License.  This is when it might get dangerous.  That is what happened to 32-year-old Philando Castile.  Castile according to his girlfriend, who video taped the interaction between Castile and the Officer, Castile told the Officer that he had a Permit to carry, and he was going to get it to show the Officer.  When the Officer did not see Mr. Castil's hands, the Officer was concerned about his own safety, and shot Mr, Castile in the chest.  Because it was so  close, it was a fatal shot, and Mr. Castil died from his wounds.  This was not what normally occurs between a Police Officer and a Legally Armed Citizen.  However, if it happened once, it might happen again.

Don't take the chance that you might be harmed.  Look at our CCW belt Id Case below,  Your CCW License or Permit is held in this ID Case with your driver's license.  Want to show your CCW Id, or your driver's license, just pull the front panel and your CCW License or Permit, and your driver's license is seen behind the plastic panels.  Want to give them to an Officer, just pull them out.  Your hands are always seen.  No mistakes.  Involved in a shooting incident, pull the panel down to show you have been authorized to carry a weapon, in the area of an active shooter, pull the front flap down to show you are not one of the active shooters.

Id Case Closed

Id Case Open


When the ID Case is closed, it just looks like a simple case without any indication about what it contains.  Keep a pistol in your pocketbook?  Just put this Id Case on one of the straps of your pocketbook.  Your Identification will always be close.  You don't have to search into your pocketbook to find your wallet, then search in your wallet to find your CCW License or Permit.

Made of synthetic material that takes punishment, a leather loop on the back with copper rivets to keep it on, and velcro to keep it closed and easy to open.  Best of all, no digging into any pants, wallet, or purse, to get these important documents. 

This is a simple product that can save you a lot of grief if your involved in a shooting incident, stopped by a Law Officer. or want others to see that your authorized to carry.  Simple, beneficial, and affordable

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