You Can Pay Us To Watch A Movie,
But Leave Your Gun At Home.

AMC Theaters, who have theaters in Tennessee and most other states, have made a corporate decision against Legally Armed Citizens.  In a Press Release they said:  ""For the safety and security of our guests and associates, and as a family business, AMC feels the best way to protect our guests and associates is to have a uniform, standardized policy prohibiting weapons on our premises, and to post such policy. (In many states, we are required by law to post signage if we have a policy against bringing weapons on our property, hence the posting of signage at our theatres nationwide.)"

AMC is assuming that all of their theaters are located in 'crime free zones'.  No assaults leaving your vehicle to enter their theater.  No thug will try and steal your wife's purse when you leave an AMC theater.

Make your own decision to go to an AMC theater or wait until the movie hits another movie theater, or wait until it is available for rental!


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