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Preview "Legally Armed" In Tennessee.  

Keep That Gun Handy
Sample Article From Meeting In Joelton Tennessee
Vacation Turns Bad For Tennessee Couple
Bullet  Tennessee Permit Law, training requirements, where you cannot carry in Tennessee, reciprocal states, and more.  All you need to know about the  
Tennessee "Handgun" Permit Law. 
Bullet Article from "Legally Armed" newsletter about arrest and trial of Tennessee Permit Holder who violated a "Gun Free Zone". This could happen to any legally armed person in almost any state. 
Bullet Article from "Legally Armed" newsletter regarding a Tennessee Permit Holder involved in ATM Shoot-out ! 
Bullet Article from "legally Armed" newsletter regarding the Good Samaritan Protection Act of 1999. 
Bullet Article regarding definitions associated with permit / license. Not all states are concealed or require any form of permit / license. Also addresses why the name "Legally Armed" was selected for this newsletter and titles. 
Bullet "Legally Armed" bumper stickers. Help support this site by getting one of these stickers.


 We will be constructing chat rooms, bulletin boards, gun school references, training class locations and dates, and other sections.  We anticipate that this site will become a "Launch Pad" for individuals looking for information on becoming legally armed or, for individuals who are already legally armed, to keep informed on important issues.

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